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Beautiful big cat Jaco. Your magnet's working! Luiperd_border1.jpg
Fantastic animal Reinhard. IMG_4204.JPG
My godfather he looks magnificent mate, with the weatherby too! IMG_4220.JPG
You are right there mate...all beautiful trophies....and hunting Africa keeps ya young! IMG_3078.jpg
Very nice...looks dead even and good ivory. Cheers IMG_3095.jpg
I too love the spirals....great bushbuck, well done. IMG_3113.jpg
Nice Muntjac & a far easier carry out than a sambar I'd reckon. IMG_00872.JPG
Fanatstic Wartie.....gotta love 'em! Doug_s_Warthog.JPG
Beautiful nyala. A real thumper. 041.jpeg
Nice buffalo. Looks like a good boss? Zimbabwe_Buffalo_-_1.JPG

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Awesome bushbuck Jon you must have been hunting with one seriously good guide!!!!! :)
by JacoS
When I had a rifle I only saw a blur or a rear end disappearing quick. With camera in hand this one...
by messmate
My favorite antelope; not too many chances at snapping photos of a bushbuck. Great work!
by daggaboyblog
That was a ripper! Erick did well there!
by JacoS
You ripper, even though we fired a warning shot we still got it in the the Aussies to ta...
by JacoS
Beautiful oryx!
by enysse
Excellent nyala!
by enysse
Unique curve on that water buck...nice trophy!
by enysse
A dream warthog!
by enysse
He's a giant...congrats!
by enysse