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Yes it is, it's the most elegant animal on the centralafrican savanna! eland13.JPG
King of the antelopes! Great Christophe! hunting-tanzania-11.jpeg
The most beautiful of all the antelopes. Nice! IMG_0528.JPG
Hilarious!! blandat_2010_092.JPG
That's a big cat! Nice! I also notice the light color on this cat compared to the once I hunt i CAR.... DSC_7553.JPG
It's a quite interesting question, even worth beeing discussed in the forum! Many hunters neglect th... lgevik_leopard.jpg
Yes it was an amazing season with all six Bongos being over 30 inch (!), thirteen Giant forest hogs,... DSC_0070copy.jpg
Hello Christophe, just wonder were you got this old eland? Was this in BAOV? p1040663.jpg
They do have. It's probably an advantage in the dense forest they live in. 01.jpg
Defenetly my kind of buffalo! Old and worn down. p1050636.jpg

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any problems hunting car still?
by edward
its all been said already!
by edward
Noly shit
by dory
Not only long but massive girth on the tusks! A monsta!
by sestoppelman
That is the warthog of my dreams :D To bad they dont sell only warthog hunts to CAR. Then I amybe co...
by svinejakt
I know a lot of people that can only dream of such a nice trophy
by andrevanzyl
Yes it is, it's the most elegant animal on the centralafrican savanna!
by anton lundkvist
Incredible animal!!
by quackshacktexas
Beautiful Coat Full Body Mount I hope.
by Bobpuckett
I absolutely love that color. Beautiful Leopard!!!!!
by mallard14