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Uncle Ted can't resist the ladies :) Rock on Ted. 16560_102776823080915_3645476_n.jpg
Some impressive choppers. I never would have guessed. Thanks for sharing. :) Hyrax_0014_b.jpg
A face only a mother could love. :) hunting-guineafowl-06.JPG
Beautiful photograph. Nice Waterbuck too. IMG_3850.jpg
A Monster for sure. Congrats. DSC02768.JPG
Excellent! Africa_Disco_1_014.jpeg
Excellent Impala! africa_127.jpeg
Excellent! Hartebeest4.jpg
Wow! Excellent Warthog there Jacques. IMG_1117.JPG
I'm living the Tanzania dream vicariously. Beautiful ram. Thanks for sharing Sestoppelman! IMG_1104.JPG

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much better than beef.
by edward
NICE!!!!!! Plains Zebra
by jeffb
Darn nice eland!
by enysse
Great! What time is dinner?