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Glad you like the flag with our Kudu logo on it, we special order them once in a while but do not se... ozondjahe_kudu_flag.JPG
Yes Bob, it's a small trap made mostly to catch small birds. trap-africa-02.JPG
No exciting story... just found it dead in the water! waterbuck_dead.JPG
Dox, Just going from memory this Eland is approximately 39 inches in length... Don't have the exact ... cape_eland_50.JPG
At the time when taken in 2004 this Eland was number 2 all time Eland in Namibia taken with a bow ou... bow_hunting_cape_eland_01.jpg
The trail cam used for these pictures is a Cuddeback that works with infrared... The Leopard was tak... leopard_hunting_africa_37.JPG

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I like this cat
by CAustin
Family jewels on display
by CAustin
Got to reach for that bait
by CAustin
Wonder how far the blind is from this tree?
by CAustin
Dinner time spots
by CAustin
Good shot
by CAustin
Saw one of these on the last hunt in 2015
by CAustin
Nice one
by CAustin
I hate these things
by CAustin
Almost as if he knows the camera is there and he doesn't care!
by CAustin