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Isn't she enough to get you interested in picking up a pole? fishing-nude-11.jpg
Christophe, I have been checking out your photo gallery, I must say your pictures are amazing as are... P1080469.JPG
Very cool Frederik. Is this a sailfish? Moz31.jpg
very cool abnormal trophy and a great trophy bushbuck on top of it... love stuff like this! DSC04533.JPG
Wow, you have taken some nice Warthogs, thanks for your great pictures... Wish I was lucky enough to... P1060691.JPG

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Bringing this animal in without use of a truck had to take a lot of manpower.
by CAustin
Would love to have a shield
by CAustin
Great tusker
by CAustin
Not the most reliable way to get around back in the day.
by CAustin
This man understood what hunting would mean for wildlife.
by CAustin
Lot of tusks here! Wonder where the picture was taken?
by CAustin
Now that will mess your tusk up!
by CAustin
The man himself! Wish he were still around writing about his hunts.
by CAustin
Looks like a mid century photo!
by CAustin
Wish a Teddy was still in the White House
by CAustin