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Very big elephant, WELL DONE!! Manuel-Pariente-with-his-104-lbs-and-99-lbs-tusker.jpg
I love the way that the horns turn outwards IMG_3954.JPG
Very, VERY nice Sable Bull, it's to dream about :-) me_and_phil_sable.jpg
WOW!! Big_Gemsbok_Hunt_Namibia_2.jpg
One trophy that I am still looking for :-) mike_copper_springbok.jpg
I know a lot of people that can only dream of such a nice trophy DSC_0219copy.jpg
Very nice Eland Bull, something to be proud off Joe_Kame_-_Eland_Rifle_Hunting_.JPG
Well done Richard for getting your client such a wonderful trophy leapord. He will never forget it. zambia_hunting_leopard.jpg

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Nice one
by CAustin