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the monster...... hunting-giant-eland2.JPG
Amazing... image010.jpg
That`s a big mountain reedbuck! Reedbuck_Mountain_Alex_Campillo_.jpg
We never meashered him, but I think in the 45-47 range? P8240049.JPG
Thanks Bob. If I dont remember wrong, it was 4 3/4 inch. P8260102.JPG
Thanks Bob It was a nice pig, think its weight was 94 kg. The tusks are not measured yet but I gues... gris.jpg
Well, that is a monster kudu! hunting-kudu9.jpg
Wow, thats a big reedbuck! I have just shot a nice mountain reedbuck (southern) I didnt really measu... Nagor.jpg

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Wolverine67 enjoyed looking at your trophies. I hope you have plenty of wall space!! mine are going ...
by PBPD83
My bad........ears look like a lynx
by SimmSamm
I do believe it is a mountain lion unless a picture of the face proves me wrong.
by SimmSamm
For real? That is one WHOPPER of a lynx!
by NDwildlifebio
That is a gold medal steenbok. Very nice!
by Jriley
the perfect Springbok.... Congratulations!
by nkjonas
We never meashered him, but I think in the 45-47 range?
by Wolverine67
Nice Kudu with good Ivory tips, how did he score?
by Bobpuckett
Nice old Bull you've done well.
by Bobpuckett
Nice Springbuck very well marked and nice shaped horns.
by Bobpuckett