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nice one richard zambia_hunting_leopard.jpg
hi jaco was this in your area in moz? IMG_4220.JPG
both gone, the lab taken by a croc and the jack russell got sick zambia_2012_with_finns_reedbuck_186.JPG
nice one jaco IMG_4003_-_Copy.JPG
hey pieter you can have the towel i wll take over with the camera!!! P8010183.jpg
bob they are from our reserve in the copper belt in northern zambia P1020529.JPG
nice cat paddy. i think jaco would have struggled to carry that one...ha, ha!!! image25.jpg
not bad jaco , but you look a bit rough ,maybe you should let some one younger carry things in futur... DSCN0975.JPG
jeff they did a great job, i see they even put the measurements in as well !!they went to a lot of e... IMG_0061.JPG
jerome they are fierce with the fines in namibia!! Fine-List-Accident-Statistics-Namibia.jpg

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by CAustin
Very nice spike
by CAustin
Very graceful sweep to the horns on this Sable
by CAustin
this hut has the best shower floor ive ever stood in river pebbles concreted into the base , it mas...
by bluey
Cool trophy.
by Witold Krzy┼╝anowski
well done.
by edward
good looking.
by edward
What bar?
by BWH
outstanding rifle!
by no1waterdog
Finn must be big enough to shoot light (cast bullet?) loads in in by now. You had better watch out f...
by ZG47