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What a specimen! Im going for one in May, also N. Cape. Can't wait!! IMG_3463.jpg
Where were these taken? 7_HYENA_PAC_-_NINE_BY_2000_HRS.JPG
What a unique specimen....amazing trophy! P1030884.JPG
Great all the different duiker! weynes-duiker.JPG
What a beauty!!! red-river-hog.JPG
Possibly my favourite creature in the world! Great pic! Any idea what the wound on his head is from?... giant-forest-hog.JPG
Sorry, obviously an exotic to Africa, still, an unusual trophy. hog_Deer.jpg
What a specimen! ssese-island-sitatunga-hunt.JPG
Well done! Love the feather in the mouth of your hound! DSC_01832.JPG
The ultimate pig. Full stop! P1060368.JPG

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beautiful,a great find!!!
by edward
That is what dreams are made of. Congrats to the hunter!
by Bobpuckett
Littly big trophy.
by Witold Krzy┼╝anowski
Is that David Darnborough in the back on the left ? Did you get told what to do if you met a buff,l...
by Sika98k
Some impressive choppers. I never would have guessed. Thanks for sharing. :)
by ThomasBeaham
What a great , great group of trophy animals. Can't wait to go on my first Africa trip , currently p...
by Sparky
on who's farm did you hunt the pig?
by Bindie
good boar, well done!
by observe
Wow, LOVELY Reedbuck! Being so wide it is reminiscent of a Sudan Bohor Reedbuck . . . Don't often s...
by Anbessa Gedai
Thanks for sharing Blueduiker! It makesfor great information on AH!