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nice kudu Namibian_kudu_070017.jpg
how much did that weigh? Phillip_s_84kg_Leopard_058.jpg
good shot Afrika-jakt_2008_149.jpg
now that's big world-record-rhino.jpg
that loooks really good rhino-02.jpg
thats a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg eland :) 100_4654.JPG
those horns look huge! buffalo-hunt.jpg
nice buff P1080670.JPG
nice zebra zebra4.JPG
thats a big wildebeest! trophy-hunting1.JPG

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Thanks a truck load!
by CAustin
Using CJ McElroy's measuring tape?
by andriesdeklerk
Very good impala, think you could have done better with the photo though, bit of an injustice to suc...
by gillie