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Doesn't look like a good lion to me! But wild fir sure patterson-lion.jpg
What a wonderful set of tusks! We will most likely never see these kind again. j-a-hunter-3.jpg
Bringing this animal in without use of a truck had to take a lot of manpower. hippo_hunting1.jpg
Would love to have a shield african_spearman.jpg
Great tusker hunting_safari_elephant.jpg
As a Teddy was fond of saying "Bully" theodore-roosevelt-hunting.jpg
Not the most reliable way to get around back in the day. hunting-safari2.jpg
This man understood what hunting would mean for wildlife. theodore-roosevelt-africa-1909.jpg
Lot of tusks here! Wonder where the picture was taken? ivory.jpg
Now that will mess your tusk up! taxidermy_elephant.jpg

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Bryson worked hard to get this critter
by CAustin
They are home by the fireplace now!
by CAustin
good job charlie.
by edward
One of my best days hunting ever!
by CAustin
nice work charlie.
by edward
Caustin , a super Trophy.I made mine in the same way. The latest one, is on the way to Europe How...
by Foxi
Excelent caliber for Africa CAustin.
by Witold Krzy┼╝anowski
Thanks Johnny. This is simply the best shooting gun I have ever owned.
by CAustin
Very nice.
by johnnyblues
Thanks Bhfs300. I love this rifle and it is deadly! Of 16 total animals taken in Africa 14 were with...
by CAustin