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Jordanne's first deer

This is a discussion on Jordanne's first deer within the Hunting North America forums, part of the HUNTING OUTSIDE OF AFRICA category; This season has been a lot of work for my daughter Jordanne and myself.She has hunted and fished with me ...

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    Default Jordanne's first deer

    This season has been a lot of work for my daughter Jordanne and myself.She has hunted and fished with me since she was 4 yrs. old.Last year was her first as a licensed hunter and she tried some pushes with me but we saw and didn't get a deer.This year she took the bow course and bought a bow from our friend Mike Scaniffe of Square-up Archery/Lightning bowstrings fame.He and I worked with her and by October she was ready.We hunted hard,many early mornings and evenings on stand on different properties we have permission for.We had a fork come in first time out, but it winded us.Another hunt in a ground blind we set up near the only field we can hunt we saw a nice buck.It wouldn't come in though and I hunted it half a dozen times since and saw it 4 more times.I tried every trick I know and he was not going for it.Jordanne and I hunted a double stand we set up to try to get him, or any deer but no good.Yesterday we had decided to give the ground blind another shot,it would be her15th hunt and last chance during rifle season.Her bow was having a drop down rest fixed by Mike so I took my bow and she had the Tikka T3 30-06.We got in at 2:00 pm and watched the squirrels for 2 hrs.She was obviously discouraged,I tried to give her hope.I was looking out the back window corner checking behind us when she says "DAD, a deer!","It's a buck!","It's THE buck!!".He was coming from the left from downwind but not in our scent.At 40 yds. it was 4:17 pm,he kept coming slowly.Now her gun is in the left corner window but there is some brush and a bad angle.I help her pull her gun out and put it out the front window as he is in front.She says she can't see him,then"I see half of the buck".It was the right half and she squeezed off the shot!He dropped in his tracks,the time was 4:19 pm,seriously.I can't tell you how emotional that moment was.She said her heart was jumping out of her chest and mine too.I told her that feeling is why we do this, she's addicted.Of course being 19 in this day and age she calls her boyfriend and others and sends text pics out.By now it might even be 4:21!We drag it out,she helps gut it,skin and bone it out,and we're back for dinner.By the way I didn't even think of picking up my bow,but I wish she had hers because she's pretty deadly at 15 yds!
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    Congrats to you and your daughter. Those are some pretty special memories, and one fine buck, especially for a first deer. Thanks for sharing.


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    Yes she did great,very composed until the shot,then it all fell apart,like a....well you know what it's like.Thanks,Rick

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    Well done! Congrats to Jordanne on her first but I'm sure not last buck!!
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    Nice deer, congrats. She sure looks happy!

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    Congratulations to the both of you!

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    Thanks for the replies,She is so excited still and we will be bow hunting soon.

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    Already took the head to the taxidermist.She's getting a partial sneak pose,should have it back by end of February.Here's two better pictures with her camera.

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    Congrats 'providerrick' and Jordanne. I am myself fine-tuningmy little missy (10) to hunt her first buck in 2012. I bet she did not stop talking since the shot rang to late that night, and then some. Well done.
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