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Boot, socks, and power converter question

This is a discussion on Boot, socks, and power converter question within the Hunting Equipment, Gear & Optics forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; Could I get some assistance regarding boots and socks to wear for my safari along with where to find a ...

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    Default Boot, socks, and power converter question

    Could I get some assistance regarding boots and socks to wear for my safari along with where to find a power converter?

    I currently wear for hunting the Meindl Perfekt Hunter Insulated (400gr) boots. These are very comfortable, but yet have a "squeaking" problem. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the sqeak? I would really like to take these with my to RSA on my hunt in September. However, I don't want to hamper my chances by having boots that squeak (not to mention possisbly irritating my PH with the noise).
    These boots are nubuck leather so want to make sure I don't mess them up.

    Also, are insulated boots really necessary for the time of year and climate I'll be hunting?

    Here's a link to this boot.
    Cabela's "Perfekt™" 10 Hunter Boots by Meindl

    The alternative to this boot would be to wear my good ole Justin Roper lace-up work boot. They soles are rubber but have no treads for grip. Downfall to these boots are I can't wear a heavier sock with them. I'd have to wear a basic cotton sock. They don't make a sound, however.

    Here's the link to this boot.
    Cabela's -- Justin 8 Lace-Up Work Boots

    Do you recommend heavier cotton socks, or wool blend socks? I've heard that wool is better since they will wick moisture away from your feet unlike cotton and therefore help reduce the chance for painful blisters.
    I can wear a wool or even heavy cotton sock in the Meindl's but not in the Justins.

    Power Convertor:
    Where I can I find one? Our local Wal-Mart doesn't have any (or online) and can't find them on Best Buy's website. Also, do I need to buy the "H Plug" for plugging into the outlets in RSA?

    I am also open to suggestions for a brand of non-insulated hunting boots that would work as well.

    Sorry this is turned out to be such a long post. Just wanted to get all the info out there I could.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can pickup the adapters at Radio shack. I bought as kit that covers just about any country.

    Most modern appliances can run on either voltage. We did not bring a power converter and the few electric appliances we brought worked fine and still do.
    One handy item I bought at Radio Shack was a 12 volt to 110 inverter that plugged in to a cigarette lighter. It was great for charging cameras while the generator was not running.

    I used Cabelas "Smartwool" socks. They are about the only thing I wear now.

    Boots bring out as many opinions as scopes and if a 375 is powerful enough.
    I used Timberland Moc Toe Chukka. The PH at said at times they were too loud on close up stalks. The sole was not soft enough for stalking, but they were comfortable.
    I am planning on Russel Moccasins for my next trip.

    Whatever you decide for boots/socks just make certain you walk many many miles in the boots you plan on using before you fly across the big pond.

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    >>>Myself I wear cowboy boots all day & that is what I wore on my 2 safari's!! I can walk in them all day & they are very comfortable... I did have them resoled before i went the last time & had him put on the most rubber like sole possible with some tread on & they were pretty decent & quiet!!As far as socks I just wear the Athletic socks you find calf high. As far as wool my feet still seem to sweat & I didn't care for the extra bulk.. I love them in the cold up here in Wisconsin though!!!

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    Mike covered everything well................and this is a second vote for Russel footwear. You can't beat their various offerings.

    For me personally I would never wear an insulated boot of any description in Africa as my feet would cook. But that is just me and I live in the land of ice and snow.

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    I would suggest that you look at non insulated boots. As September will be warm.

    I have looked at the Danner Jackal boots but I use Courtney boots here in South Africa.

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    I will keep my answer short.

    Power = I bought a good cigarette lighter adapter from Radio shack. That way you don't even have to worry about different plugs. Plus, it can be used with any car battery with the supplied clamps. That way you will have a converter for any of your future adventures, not just an africa plug.

    Boots = I've got a pair of Browning Featherweights (non-insulated) and a shorter pair of "regular" hi tec hiking boots. Both are very comfortable.

    Socks = Filson lightweight or medium weight merino wool socks. Absolutely wonderul socks.

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    Here is an article that I wrote on the subject Choosing the Right Hunting Boots & Socks

    Electricity, the South African standard is 220/230 volts AC 50 Hz, three-pin 15 amp outlets however Standard European 220 volts, two-pin outlets are sometimes used as well. Many lodges/camps have generator(s) to power the electricity through rechargeable batteries therefore it is recommended to bring a small power inverter that plugs into a cigarette lighter to invert 12V DC Power to 110V AC for recharging in the hunting vehicle. Generator(s) in most camps are only run during the morning and evening hours and sometimes can be run at other times by special request. Be sure to check with your hunting outfitter in what they are using. Click here for more info.

    Jerome Philippe, Founder of
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    If you enjoy this site then tell fellow hunters about it!

    Our community is a place for seasoned African hunters and those who dream of someday hunting in Africa. I hope that you will find a great place to spend time preparing for or dreaming about your future African hunting safari or reliving your last.

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    I know my approach to this subject may not be kosher, but what people wear to Africa is a bit out of hand IMO, but perhaps that is part of the totall picture of going to the Dark Continent, and sure will tell the crew its your first rodeo..

    Most PHs wear deck shoes and no socks btw! unless they are from Zimbabwe then they go barefooted.. Don't try this, they also wear shorts and most of you will be eaten alive if you try this.

    I always suggest any one of the lighter boots such as Wranglers, ropers or Justin or half a dozen others and always take a pair of tennis shoes..The same thing you wear ever day and be sure they are broken in..the money saved over the high dollar boots that are not a bit better can buy you a lot of practice ammo..

    I like Tennis shoes or the tennis type high top walking shoes in Tanzania and Zimbabwe as you may walk in water during the course of the day and they dry real fast..white thick cotton socks suit me and its a good idea to take some tape along to tape the bottom of your pants legs unless you want to get your balls bite by a Tetsi or a crowd of seed ticks..

    Wrangler or Levi pants are the best and repel even the heineous Tetsi fly and his kinfolks..Some folks like Khaki and thats fine..wear brown not dark green in Tanzania..Tetsis like dark colors. I like golf hats that are olive or tan, but booney hats are Ok I guess.. wear nothing white but your boxer shorts.

    Common since prevails, don't be a fashion plate, looking like you are an escapee from a Cabellas catalog... Go to be comfortable and protected.

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    Heeler - On my May hunt in SA, I took the uninsulated Meindl boots (8") and a pair of Columbia light weight hiking boots. After 2 days, I switched to the Columbias. The Meindl's with the heavy vibram soles were took "clunky" and made too much noise.

    You can get a power converter at Walmart for a few bucks. There will be several adaptor plugs included. Take both that say "Africa" on the side and leave the rest at home to save space.

    Look into the zip-off leg trousers. Good quality ones can be found on eBay for about $18. You will probably not want to wear shorts - the jointed cactus will get you a couple times, even if you are careful. (Take your leatherman and keep it with you, the pliers are real handy for pulling off the jointed cactus.)

    For socks, look into "Cuff-sox" (also found on eBay). Well made, but not so thick that they get hot. They have a built-in cuff that rolls down over the top of your boot and keeps debris out. I took 3 pair along and was glad that I did.

    - browningbbr

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    Thanks all for the advice. Those Russells do look nice but look to be way out of my price range.

    Since I'll only be taking my cell phone and digital camera I'm thinking that my regular car charger for my phone will work along with buying one of the 12v power inverters.
    And I'll think I'll stick with my Justins as they are broke-in like no ones business and look at some of the socks suggested.
    As far as pants, I have some dickies and carhartt jeans in olive green that should do the trick nicely.

    Thanks again,

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    On the inverters Do you recommend 150 watt or 75 watt?

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