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Trijicon AccuPoint scope

This is a discussion on Trijicon AccuPoint scope within the Hunting Equipment, Gear & Optics forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; I would like to throw out this question to all. Does anyone have any experience with the Trijicon AccuPoint scopes? ...

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    Default Trijicon AccuPoint scope

    I would like to throw out this question to all. Does anyone have any experience with the Trijicon AccuPoint scopes?

    I am thinking of getting a Trijicon AccuPoint Scope to put on a Browning A-Bolt in 338WM. This rifle is mainly used for hunting Sambar. The terrain is hilly and the forest cover can be thick. My main consideration is how well this scope performs in poor light conditions. Also how well do these scopes stand up to recoil?

    I am currently using Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40 and found then excellent, even fitted to 375 H&H and 416 Ruger without any issues. So if anyone has used both of these scopes any information on how they compare (price aside) would be appreciated.

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    I use a 3x9 Trijicon AccuPoint on my .375. It is a lightly built rifle so as to serve as both a plains game and dangerous game rifle. I used it last summer in the Caprivi and northern Namibia for a buffalo and plains game. The Trijicon AccuPoint Scope has performed flawlessly for a couple of years. I use the hunting crosshair version with the small central dot. It is very quick and was ideal in placing a shot on that buff at dusk. The optics are very good - I would describe the light gathering ability as on par with the Conquest series and the Leupold VX3 with excellent eye-relief. My sense is that the Optics are not quite as good as the really high end 30mm European models but probably more useful under any field conditions other than a high seat at very last light.
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    I have an AccuPoint 1X4X24 30mm with German #4 crosshairs and green dot on my Ruger 416, and it is fantastic. Very quick pointing, very solid on the gun, good eye relief, and has handled over 150 rounds of the 416 DGX and DGS ammo without any change of aim. Used it for lion last year, and Cape Buffalo and Sable thus year. Great scope for a Dangerous Game rifle, in my opinion.

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