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Do not hunt with this outfitter Star OnStar OffStar OffStar OffStar Off - 06/30/2014 16:33:01
Kevin C from Moses Lake,WA USA
I hunted with Xomaqua in 2013 it was my 4th safari. Before the hunt communication by email with Steven was not very good. The owner made us many promises but none of them were kept. This was sold to us as a 菟remium safari it was not premium. The food was terrible, they were short on supplies (food and fuel), the facilities dirty, the game was sparse and of average quality at best.
The food was fair before Steven returned to Johannesburg terrible after that. There were only two meals per day and they were bad. On night it was hamburgers and half cooked fries. Another night it was hotdogs and half cooked fries. One dinner it was ostrich neck soup. The brunches were also not very good. For the first three days we did not have coffee or soft drinks in camp.
We bought a hunt for crocodiles and the owner did not apply for the permits, we asked about hunting game on their website and were told those animals were too far away to go hunt. We were told that he would arrange a hunt for small cats but did not make the arrangement. We were told that they had spotlights to hunt at night with but they could not find them this went on and on.
Half way through the safari we were told we were going to hunt giraffes something we did not want to hunt. We were also told that we needed to pay for animals that we had not even seen up to that point.
The lodge did not have a way to keep the doors shut, the pool was to dirty to use, the hot tub was empty and dirty, the bedding had holes in it, and the rooms were not clean. When the vehicles ran low on fuel there was no fuel in camp and the PH痴 argued over if they had enough money to get more.
The PH I hunted with is poor at best. He forgot the shooting sticks the first three times we went out, he was to lazy to stalk after an animal (he wanted to shoot everything from the truck), he was unable to judge the size of the animals, and he did not know the names of the birds we saw.
The game was sparse in a twelve day hunt I saw one zebra, 4 nyala, 1 red hartebeest, 4 gemsbok, 6 klipspringers, no mature waterbuck, 8-10 kudu, and 8-10 impala rams in 12 days. This a a廃ut and take outfit. After the hunt he sent our trophies to his taxidermist not ours, then we had trouble getting the lionesses. There is much more but the most important thing is DO NOT HUNT WITH THIS OUTFITTER !!!!
Post hunt Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OffStar Off - 02/25/2014 20:22:59
Michael plaisance from Baton Rouge,la. U.s.a.
My wife & I went on a package hunt with Xomaqua safaris in sept. '13. We were very pleased with the hunt. Killed 7 of the 9 animals I was after. Was very pleased with the PH and the trackers. Food was average though. Comradary after the daily hunts was great.all the PH's were extremely nice & knowledgable. The staff was very nice & helpful. Stephen personally took us on our 3 day trip to Kruger & I was impressed with his vast knowledge of the animals, the history of the park, & the area in General.have not gotten my animals back yet, but Stephen is using a different taxidermist than the one he had complaints about. In fact, this taxidermist was also my PH & has been doing taxidermy for about 16-18 yrs. if I remember. He has his own web site that you can check out. So, I'm still holding my breath on my mounted animals & the shipping. But all in all I was satisfied with the value of the hunt, the quality of the animals, the lodge accommodations, & the overall experience.
stephan barber & xomaqua Star OnStar OffStar OffStar OffStar Off - 01/06/2014 16:00:02
randy bredemeyer from san angelo texas USA
I did not know how to delete my previous post. I got my remaining 6 heads today. Stephan did follow through on his commitments but it took 3-1/2 years. Also, we paid an additional $3000 in freight that we shouldn't have had to pay if they had all been shipped together. My advice remains the same...don't use
this ph.
Cancelled hunt Star OnStar OnStar OffStar OffStar Off - 06/24/2013 12:05:37
David Bradford, MD from Washington, USA
This review is based on my pre-hunt experience with Xomaqua. Stephen is very personable. I felt so comfortable with him that I broke a basic rule I didn稚 check for references before placing a deposit for a buffalo hunt, while at the Reno SCI Convention in 01/2013.

Over the next 4 months, no further contact, no contract, no information or advice & no response to multiple e-mails sent to his various e-mail addresses. Finally 90 days before my scheduled hunt, I sent a final e-mail giving notice to cancel my hunt due to this lack of communication. Stephen responded within hours, which tells me he was getting my e-mail requests for information, but ignoring them. When he did respond, he felt cancellation of a DG hunt because of poor communication was "extreme" & acted like poor communication was normal for African outfitters during the safari season. He declined to return any portion of my deposit & suggested I reconsider my hunt cancellation. Being a 1st time African hunter & not liking to waste a hunt deposit, I checked with more experienced AH buddies & all advised better to lose a deposit than risk a bad DG hunt.

Before anyone books a hunt with Xomaqua, they should do their research, preferably in African hunting forums. Don稚 put too much confidence in outfitter provided reference lists or in single negative or positive reviews. Look at the numbers of each & the trend. I haven稚 seen a single positive reference or review posted on Xomaqua within the last 2-3 years but found multiple negatives by multiple different hunters.
bad review of stephen barber and xomaqua Star OnStar OffStar OffStar OffStar Off - 01/16/2013 15:59:03
randy bredemeyer from odessa texas USA
do not use this PH. He cheated us out of money and six mounted trophies