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Reviews of LaMont's Wild West Buffalo

LaMont's Wild West Buffalo

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Exciting day Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OffStar Off - 03/01/2012 20:54:20
Matt Larson from Capitan, NM USA
Hunting Bison is probably not what you expect. These huge wooly beasties are not like any other North American Game. They are quite shy, keeping brush or other animals between you and them. Patience will be rewarded. Excitement will bust the whole bunch, and you need to start anew. Shot placement is critical, as with any huge animal, and you really are not bringing too much gun. Promise. Never been to Africa, so cannot compare there, but definitely the hardest to kill animal I have ever encountered. Overall, the hunt exceeded my expectations, and the whole crew (needed for such a massive animal) were a delight to be around. Again, these beasties are HARD to knock down. And, they die very slowly, so even mortally wounded, they're dangerous. If you've never hunted the big guys, I would recommend it, and LaMont's delivered what was promised. Probably nothing more or less.