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Reviews of Combumbi Hunting Farm

Combumbi Hunting Farm

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Combumbi 2010 Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On - 08/18/2010 02:02:20
A Maitre from Namur, Belgium
First trip to Africa, I found Comumbi excellent, matching my own criterias and priorities: personal relationship with owners, excellent farm cooking and conversation, excellent game density, 50.000 ha ALL OPEN RANGE, free game, no high fences (which is mandatory in my own opinion)

Flat ground, some clear areas but moslty bushveld, from light to very dense.

Spent 6 days hunting, collected 2 red hartebeests (gold), 1 gemsbok (gold), 1 blue wildebeest (gold), 1 kudu (silver), 1 warthog (bronze) and 1 burchell's zebra (chocolate ;-) )

Lot of stalking and tracking, stalking rather than long range shooting (my cup of tea).

Hope I'll go back for eland and cheetah (very good cheetah density)

Thanks for clear game anatomy information.