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Reviews of Artistic Visions Wildlife Studio

Artistic Visions Wildlife Studio

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Excellent Artistry!! Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On - 09/26/2012 10:02:34
Sal DeSanctis from Philadelphia, PA, USA
"I first met Aaron Simser of Artistic Visions Wildlife Studios about three years ago. I was visiting my friend Gordon Stark of Nhoro Safaris at the Harrisburg Sportsman's Show, { Pennsylvania} and I was trying to get my trophies from the previous year expedited and shipped out of South Africa. Included in that shipment was a hard-earned, long sought-after lioness trophy forty-odd years and many safaris in the making which I had collected in the Kalahari .The usual,ever present screw-ups delays and mis-communications are always associated with conducting business overseas. Now after consulting and visiting with my good friend Gordon for the better part of a week, he introduced me to Aaron by way of recommending him as a good choice for my upcoming needs for taxidermy services. I must confess an initial uncertainty in believing so young, even boyish a person could be capable of the skilled work I expected done with my hard-earned raw trophies. {Of course at my age[76] anyone under the age of 40 is a callow youth}. It turns out I need not have worried. After many long discussions and viewing many examples of his work I was convinced. Some other outstanding qualities he possesses struck me as relevant to reaching my decision. He is passionate about his work and indeed everything else he does. He is a meticulous worker, and very detail oriented. His sense of design and form and structure is sharp and above all he has the artist's feel for what is natural and what is contrived and trite. I also appreciate his willingness to be proactive with the client {within acceptable parameters } in the design or look of the final product. As it turns out he has recently finished my life-size lioness mount,{Incredibly lifelike and visually stunning.} as well as a perfectly executed shoulder mount nyala with a small but effective habitat attached which is a welcome addition to my trophy room. To say that I am well-satisfied with his work would be an understatement and I fully expect him to do some more work for me when my other trophies arrive from Africa. Need less to say I value his work as well as his friendship which has developed out of our business connections and hope to continue both those close relationships into the future. Thank You for everything my friend."