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Limcroma Safaris


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Great first African experience! Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On - 12/22/2013 17:17:56
Dave Nicholson from Pembroke Pines, Fl. USA
This was my first time hunting Africa but it will not be my last! After doing extensive research, and checking lots of references, we elected to hunt with Limcroma Safaris. Every aspect of the trip exceeded our expectations. Hannes Els the owner, delivered as promised. Our PHs were all seasoned professionals and a true pleasure to hunt with. The patience and enthusiasm they showed with the young hunters in our group made the experience that much more special. Our group took many excellent trophies, and the quality as well as the opportunity at game was amazing. I guarantee you that you will be planning your return trip even before your first hunt is over...I highly recommend these guys. They run a great outfit.
1st but not last hunt with Limcroma Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On - 09/03/2013 10:22:53
Terry Rose from Virginia, USA
My wife and I are just back from our first trip to Limcroma and I have to sat that it certainly will not be the last!
Hannes Els has a truly incredible operation with Limcroma and everything is top notch...the accommodations and food are the best, the way you are treated while in camp is like being at home with friends and the PH's are the best of the best! They will go above and beyond to ensure that your hunt is everything you've dreamed of.
3rd hunt at Limcroma Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On - 08/19/2013 12:59:40
Dan Leahy from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
My wife and I just returned from our 3rd hunt with Limcroma Safaris. Our host, Hannes Els, once again exceeded our expectations. We stayed at Limcroma's new camp which overlooks the Limpopo river. It's a truly spectacular location that would be ideal for anyone including groups, couples, and families.

We had another incredibly successful hunt taking many animals as always with a few new trophies to add to our collection. Hannes now has more hunting property than ever for his guests to explore. The quality and quantity of game is the best I have ever seen it. For a truly incredible hunting experience you need to take a serious look at Limcroma!
YES!! Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On - 09/20/2012 22:05:14
Chris Sharon from TX, USA
I have just returned from South Africa after a seven day hunt. I have never traveled to SA and I had a fantastic time. The toughest part is the plane ride.
Let me tell you about my adventure. I coordinated my trip with Tim McManus in Texas and he is top of the line as far as ensuring I had all the correct information and all my paper work was in line. Upon arrival the people I arranged to meet were super. Gracious does not describe their appreciation for choosing them for a stay prior to departing for Limcroma. My ride to Limcroma was great. My arrival to Limcroma was more than warm and heart felt.
The Limcroma staff from Hannes Els to the last person was 5 star. The accommodations were more than comfortable and are very clean. The Limcroma hunting camp is safari living. The thatched roofs are just what I wanted and my words cannot describe how perfect the rooms are. The food is top of the line and extremely healthy. I did not want for anything while I was in camp and had I asked I'm sure they would have bent over backwards to get it.
The PH's look out for your comfort and want you to find the animals you are looking for. In fact they want you to see the true South African animals that are plentiful. My PH Kobus and his son Andrew didn't miss a beat. I hunted with my best friend and we had such a great time adventuring and hunting. Also I can only say the camp was fantastic at night. The fire side chats were filled with warmth, laughter, and my enjoyment was ensured.
If you are choosing, seriously consider Limcroma as the place to take your spouse or loved one, or even alone you will always be around people who love hunting and appreciate the fire.
Also my trophies were cared for with the utmost and meticulous care.

The tough part for me was leaving and coming back to the land of traffic and over indulgence in unnecessary things.
Thanks Limcroma.
Amazing!!!! Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On - 08/31/2012 17:06:22
John Lusk from Denver, CO, USA
I just got back from an eight day bowhunting Safari at Limcroma Safaris, in the Limpopo Province. I have dreamed of going on an African Safari all my life and Limcroma exceeded even my dream-like expectations! Hannes Els has done an outstanding job creating a top notch outfit there! The food was absolutely delicious! The lodging was extremely nice! The grounds were beautiful. The staff were all outstanding!
My buddy and I hunted in blinds and spot and stalk. We were way more successful than we had ever imagined. The PHs were warm, professional and extremely helpful. My PH was Guillaume Roux and he was everything I had hoped a PH would be! My buddy once wounded a Kudu and Hannes, the owner, had 6 people and two dogs looking for the animal for about 10 hours, until they found it. Even Hannes was out there looking and overseeing the search for the entire time. This is the kind of devotion, involvement and attention to detail that characterizes Limcroma! I was blown away by the entire experience and highly, highly recommend it. We are already planning our next trip!