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Rowland Ward's Records of Big Game Revised

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    Default Rowland Ward's Records of Big Game Revised

    Rowland Ward's Records of Big Game Revised

    The Rowland Ward's Record Book has recently undergone the biggest revision that has been undertaken in many years. Every aspect of every animal, including measurement methods, minimum entry levels and classifications have been re-examined. Here are some of the requirements for the African species.

    Methods of Measurement:
    1. Method 5 - for Bush Pig and Hippo - will be replaced by Method 6. Here both the longest tusks will be measured on their length on the outer curve and their circumferences at the widest part. No carding is to be used.
    2. Method 7 - Reedbuck - The basal pad will NOT be included.
    3. Method 12 - Brindled Gnu and Buffalo - The outside spread will be combined with the sum of the width of the two bosses.

    New Classifications:
    1. Cooksonís Wildebeest from the Luangwa Valley in Zambia - Method 12.
    2. Oribiare divided into Southern (min. 5 inches), East African (min. 4 inches), Haggardís (min. 3 3⁄4 inches), Ethiopian (min. 4 inches), Central African (min. 4 inches) and West African (min. 4 inches).
    3. Sitatunga are divided into Nile (min. 26 inches), Forest or Western (min. 25 inches), Zambezi (min. 27 inches) and Island (min. 22 inches).
    4. Bushbuck are divided into Harnessed (min. 11 3⁄4 inches), Nile (min. 11 3⁄4 inches), Abyssinian (min. 11 1⁄4 inches), Imatong (min. 13 inches), Somalian (min. 11 1⁄4 inches), Shoan ( min. 11 1⁄4 inches), Menelikís ( min. 11 3⁄4 inches),
    Ugandan (min. 13 inches), East African (min 15 inches), Chobe (min. 14 inches) and South African (min. 15 inches).
    5. Buffalo are divided into Cape, Nile, Central African, West African and Dwarf Forest. The minimums are still to be published.
    6. Civet, Striped hyena, Brown hyena, Spotted hyena, Black-backed jackal, Side-striped jackal and Common jackal will be included using Method 17 (length and width of skull).

    New Minimums:
    1. Chanlerís Mountain reedbuck - 5 1⁄2 inches
    2. Thomsonís gazelle - 13 inches
    3. Southern Grantís gazelle - 23 inches
    4. African elephant - 60 pounds
    5. Hippopotamus - 25 inches
    6. Caracal - 8 1⁄2 inches
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    I discovered this just now ... can someone explain to me why these reductions in the minimum? as regards Elephant, Grant's gazelle and Thommy, a reduction of 20 lbs, 2" and 1" (25-8-7%?) respectively seems is too much ...
    purely commercial reasons? If so, it is sad that the Ward chase others less selective record books in the race to the bottom ... a "Ward's Record" was always something hard (HARD) and not obvious, and even great hunters had only a few specimens in their collections that could go "in the book".
    Now ...a 60 pounds minimum for the elephant is low.
    only my opinion.

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    Perhaps if you become/remain so selective that no one can ever get in the book again you make yourself obsolete, given the realities of current (size) trophy availability.
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