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What I've seen in the last shows is very interesting.

This is a discussion on What I've seen in the last shows is very interesting. within the Hunting Conventions, Shows & Events forums, part of the GENERAL category; Just interesting to note what has been seen as offers in the last 2 "smaller" shows I've gone to lately. ...

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    Default What I've seen in the last shows is very interesting.

    Just interesting to note what has been seen as offers in the last 2 "smaller" shows I've gone to lately. 1 hunt was offered at 7 days/$4200 for 8 animals (not all trophies) Blesbuck and doe, white Blesbuck and doe, springbuck and female, Black wildebeest and female and if you wanted a pair of Heartebeest add another $1000 USD.
    Saw another 10 day hunt with kudu, Blue wildebeest, Impala, warthog and zebra for $4950
    And a 7 day for $950 that included Blue Wildebeest and Impala.

    I'm NOT offering these hunts. I don't have any connection with them. Just thought I'd throw this out for commentary by the group. It was interesting as these outfitters were not ones I had seen at other shows but they have done these smaller ones several times. They were the land owners also. When I looked at their accommodations pictures it looked very good to me. Interesting, as I said.

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    Guys breaking into the market trying to set their product apart is what it looks like.
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    Yeah I noticed that as well on some other not so heard of outfits like the one Kal won at auction, went to the website and they had a special for $999.00 included I think a Blue Wildebeest, Impala and Warthog so I emailed them and ask for there price list of other animals that could be hunted got an email back and insted of a price list they let me know it would be better if I let them know what I want to hunt, kind of makes me think they could have a small lodge for you to stay at but price will very based on who's farm you will be hunting on, just the feeling I got doesn't mean though that it still wouldn't be a great hunt.
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