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First Red Deer

This is a discussion on First Red Deer within the Hunting Australia & New Zealand forums, part of the HUNTING OUTSIDE OF AFRICA category; Hi All, my first post on this site and thought I might share my first Red Deer hunt this year. ...

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    Default First Red Deer

    Hi All,
    my first post on this site and thought I might share my first Red Deer hunt this year. The rut here takes place around Easter and I got access to a property that is in a good area for Reds. My initial scouting wasn't looking too promising until I started seeing more saplings with the bark rubbed off them and a few more bashed about by stags starting to fire up for the upcoming roar. My brother and I went for a day trip for a little more scouting and our plan was to look one last time, let the property settle without our scent all over the place and return in the middle of the rut to take on the Reds. As it turned out the rut had already started up and our scouting trip turned into quite the adventure. Not having hunted Reds before I can thankfully say that I live in the 21st century and calling Red stags is something that you can be tutored in on Youtube. Andy my brother had a turn calling through the pvc tube we took along. We stopped a few times and made some calls with some noise off in the distance. We made our way to the deepest sounding stag because the country was so steep and spread out and I didn't have the cardio fitness to have a look at all the stags roaring their heads off. (maybe next time I'll be a little fitter)

    We made our way up a gully and then went high as the wind started to changed as we entered. Andy let out a roar, this fella had been calling back but this time we got nothing. We were about 100m above the height of the dry creek bed that ran at the bottom of the gully and Andy let out another roar. By this time I was thinking we may have been busted and not known it. As I looked down the steep hill side this Red stag was coming in on a string. He made no roar back but he was coming in to see who was making the challenge. He walked in to 15m and as he walked behind a tree I drew back, he caught my movement and propped for a second. He didn't need to give me a written invite so I let one go. I knew he was hit good because he bolted and propped again 30meteres away and I could see the point of impact. He wasn't sure what had just happened also a great sign meaning very little pain and a nice sharp broadhead. He turned and started to trot off and fell over down and out 35m from where I shot him. He's not a monster Red but he's a bush head and not from a managed herd just feral and a 10 point Red stag is not a bad place to start with a first of this species. It was great to roll one over with my bro there to share the experience and lucky for me he's a strong fella and a legs man.
    Thanks for reading and safe hunting.


    Red pic 11.jpg Red pic 8.jpg

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    Sounds like a exciting hunt and a great adventure....along with some good eating.

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    Good job.
    Calling anything in and taking it with at close range is a thrill.

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    Congrats on a fine bowkill.
    I have walked in the tracks of the elephant, heard the lion roar and met the buffalo on his terms. I shall never be the same.

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