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Top Trophies 2012 of Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris

This is a discussion on Top Trophies 2012 of Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Top Trophies 2012 of Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris The most popular Bush Breaking Newsletter of the year is finally hot ...

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    Default Top Trophies 2012 of Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris

    Top Trophies 2012 of Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris

    The most popular Bush Breaking Newsletter of the year is finally hot off the press! It is indeed a great pleasure for Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris to present to you The WJVS Top Trophies of the year 2012!!

    Without any question, this past hunting season has been the busiest in the history of Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris which we must add, spans over a combined 35 years in safari existence... To say the very least; it was an absolutely awesome 2012!!

    At this time, we need to acknowledge and to thank the entire WJVS team which stretches far and wide over the Northern Cape combining our 4 remarkable areas and camps. Your dedication and tireless contribution to making every client feel welcome on arrival and as a friend on departure is customary within the ranks at WJVS. You are greatly respected, appreciated and your professionalism very much admired!

    A very special and huge thanks is conveyed to each and every Hunter, Non Hunter, Agent, fellow Professional Hunter, Outfitter, Pilot, Travel Agent, Guest House, Land Owner, Nature Conservation Officer, Taxidermist, Export Department, Firearms department and our RSA Professional Hunters Association, for your loyal support throughout the year and for working hand in hand with WJVS this past year; We salute you... Roll on 2013!!!

    Our trophy selection has been based on the following criteria: The challenge of the hunt, The quality of the Trophy, The difficulty in hunting the species, The overall appearance and presentation of the trophy. Our proven track record of supplying our clients with remarkable trophies and unforgettable safaris is legendary; our repeat business can attest to this! Please enjoy and acknowledge the superior quality that each and every animal deserves. As hunters you can stand proud of the fact that you have contributed to the conservation of wildlife through sustainable utilization and the preservation of the Hunter will live forever... Your contribution towards our wildlife programs will ensure the future of our species for generations to come!

    Also featured in our Bush Breaking Newsletter are the categories; Bow Hunter of the Year, Rifle shot of the year, Bow shot of the year, and the under "Teens" Young Hunter of the year.

    You can click here or on any of the images for the full list of trophies on our blog. Please feel free to send your comments and remarks via the blog.

    Our promotional tour of the USA kicks off on the 28th December 2012 as we head for the Dallas Safari Convention starting the 3rd of January 2013. We end off on the 3rd February in Mexico before heading back to RSA You can contact us anytime on the following mobile numbers whilst we are in the USA: Johnny 314 718 6228; Wiaan 314 718 6234 (Wiaan will only join the team at a later date); Hannes 314 718 6226. Alternatively, you can send an email through to: or or If you can稚 get a hold of anyone on the above info>>then call the Police!!!! Hee! Hee!

    Come visit us at:

    - Dallas Safari Club 3-6 Jan, booths 2407 & 2409 (Johnny, Wiaan, Yvan & Hannes)
    - ATA Show Louisville Kentucky 7-9 Jan (Johnny, Wiaan, Yvan & Hannes).
    - Midland Texas 10 Jan (Johnny & Hannes)
    - African Hunting Show Carriage Inn Hotel Calgary 11-13 Jan, booth 14 (Strauss & Yvan)
    - Toronto Canada 18-19 Jan (Wiaan & Strauss)
    - Cabela's Buda Texas 18 Jan (Johnny & Hannes)
    - Las Vegas Desert Chapter 18 -19 Jan (Yvan, Braam & Mardoret)
    - Safari Club International Show in Reno 23rd 26th Jan booths 2319, 2321, 2323, 2325, 2327 (We will be 8 members of the WJVS team on hand to man the 5 booths in Reno!)

    If you haven't booked your safari for 2013 yet, then now is the time to climb in and to get those dates secured and confirmed Already we are expecting a very busy 2013 year and a very busy marketing campaign, so don't delay it any further, just email: or to get your dream hunt booked.

    All that remains for us to say, from the entire WJVS team, in this our final Bush Breaking Newsletter for 2012, is that we wish you a wonderful and joyous Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2013!

    And always remember:

    Put your confidence in experience and come and enjoy a safari of a lifetime!!

    Take care, God Bless and keep in touch,

    The WJVS TEAM... Out!!

    Link to Top Trophies of 2012

    #1 Trophy of the year 2012 goes to Sharon Skappak with her magnificent 46 inch Buffalo

    #1 Bow Hunter of the year goes to Michael Waddell taking this huge Cape Buffalo at only 29 yards on a walk and stalk hunt!

    #1 Shot of the year 2012 goes to Marine Sniper Aaron Howell taking this Springbok ram at a ranged 407 yards!

    #1 Under teens hunter of the year 2012 goes to 7 year old Rett Kircher for his excellent marksmanship throughout his safari

    #1 Bow shot of the year goes to Jose Kaun Sada Jr for a perfectly placed arrow on this record book Impala ram

    Elephant Bull Dan Burkes & PH Wiaan Van Der Linde

    Lion -Judge Brent and Jana Haltom Lion

    Buffalo with a Bow PH Johnny Viver, Michael Waddell the Bone Collector & PH Andries Schutte

    Southern Greater Kudu Wyatt Peary & PH Yvan Nieuwoudt

    Waterbuck PH Johnny Vivier & Mike Rogers host of Safari Expeditions

    Gemsbuck Jacques Taljaard

    Red Hartebeest PH Strauss Jordaan, Sharon & Gene Skappak

    Eland Aaron Howell

    Leopard PH Wiaan and Nancy Burkes

    Buffalo PH Yvan Nieuwoudt & John Daniels

    Elephant Gene & Sharron Skappak

    Southern Greater Kudu Esterban Camarena

    Lion Johan, Yvan Sergey and Konstantin

    Rhino Valeriy Yazev

    Roan Gene & Sharon Skappak

    Waterbuck Sabastian

    Common Springbok Wyatt Peary

    Cape Buffalo Alfonso Villaenuava and PH Le Roux Coetzee

    Hippo Gene & Sharron Skappak

    Gemsbuck Mike Rogers

    Cape Buffalo -Mr Wang & PH痴 Jacques & Wiaan

    Common Springbok Dan De George

    Buffalo with a Bow PH Ben, Rick Hanas & PH Yvan

    Tony Gagliano Warthog

    Black Wildebeest Angel

    Elephant Colin, Roy, Koos, Yvan, Jose Juan, Onesimo & Jose Cano

    Elephant Jose Juan, Jose Juan & Onesimo

    Elephant PH Yvan & Onesimo

    Barbary Sheep Ken Barr

    Impala Kleber Khayat

    Grey Duiker PH Frikkie Nieuwoudt & Julian

    Common Springbok Steve

    Lion Manny & Maria Fajin, Jassmine, Dylan & Sergio

    Steenbuck Anthony & Tracker Petrus

    Black Wildebeest- Martin Lafemina

    Eland JP Bryan

    Impala Mario Guarino

    Buffalo with a Long Bow Patricio

    Black Wildebeest Frank Cosentino

    Eland Dylon Schwahn

    Impala PH Dawie & Daniel

    Blue Wildebeest Anthony Tiberini

    Buffalo PH Nihan, JoseSnr, Jose Jr & Cephas

    Waterbuck with a Bow Mark Neville, PH Koos De Wet & Koevoet

    Nyala Ken Barr

    Marjorie Kudu

    Kudu Sergey & Konstantin

    Denny 1st Animal Common Springbok

    Pablo with Eland

    Aaron Rosson, Petrus, John Tinley, Blue Wildebeest

    Scott Schultz Black Springbok

    White Springbok Karla Sada

    Eland Wayne Mundt

    Kudu Kathryn Kircher

    Daniel & Adriaan Red Hartebeest

    Common Blesbuck Deavon Hinebauch

    Roy Hinebauch Blue Wildebeest

    Kudu Richard & PH Hannes

    Black Wildebeest - Carlos

    Mr Wu & PH Johan Maritz with Eland

    Warthog Denny Rosson

    White Springbok Pat Hinebauch & Brighton

    Aaron Rosson Common Springbok

    Sabastian Impala

    Kudu Chivas James, Jacques & Tracker Jannie

    Gemsbuck Russell Schwahn

    Eland Fernando

    Carlos Martin Sable

    Black Springbok Hector

    Kudu Cal Hinebauch

    Eland Diego Martin

    Kudu Jan, Wessel, Sabastian and Yvan

    Augusto, Ana and Tomas Mountain Reedbuck

    Bob Richardson Red Hartebeest

    Impala Ana & Tomas

    Kudu Frank Cosentino

    Dr. Richie Bland Waterbuck

    Woody Woodside Sable

    Gemsbuck Marian Hinebauch

    Red Lechwe with a Bow Jose

    Eland Dan De George & PH Jacques

    Waterbuck Ed Stevenson & PH John Tinley

    Kudu with a bow Paul Cromwell and PH Koos De wet & Cephas

    Mike Shukis Waterbuck

    Hartman Mountain Zebra Jim, Emily & Kevin

    Crocodle with a Bow PH Yvan & Paul Schwengler

    Common Springbok Valeria; Karla; Regina (Hunter); Regina; Karla

    Eland Sture Mikalsen,Jan Erik Ekkenberg, Anton Henningstad, Magnus Backer, Hans-Olaf Hess

    Gemsbuck Mary & David Stjern & Tracker Jannie

    Red Hartebeest Luis & PH Calvin

    Lioness PH痴 Yvan & Brendon with Paul Swengler

    Waterbuck Dylon

    Common Blesbuck Christie Womack & Michael Waddell

    Common Springbok with a Bow Paul & Priscilla Cromwell with PH Koos De Wet

    Copper Springbok Christie Womack

    Kudu Roberto

    Lion Edgar

    Kudu John Bryan

    Copper Springbok PH Jacques and Magnus

    Roan - Mr Yang & Ph Hannes Vlok

    Eland Bull James Reed

    Gemsbuck Miguel & Yvan

    Sable Valeriy

    Impala Randy & Sonya Sauceda

    Warthog Sergio Schwab & PH Harry Sparks

    Red Hartebeest Roberto

    Black Wildebeest- Hunter James

    Burchell Zebra Garrick Mishaga

    Black Wildebeest Walt Hinebauch

    Waterbuck PH Stephan and John Holz

    Black Wildebeest Darryl Wright

    Impala Gabriella

    Impala Lauren Thomas

    Kudu Larry Smith

    White Springbok Pato

    Red Hartebeest Stephanie Villaenuava

    Baboon Luis

    PH Jacques and Haakon Black Wildebeest

    PH Johnny, Kevin & Emily Blue Wildebeest

    Toby Draves Gemsbuck

    Borre and tracker Jack Blue Wildebeest

    PH Johan & Odd Burchell Zebra

    Jay Wantz Impala

    Steve Gray Red Hartebeest

    Jesse Draves Gemsbuck

    Juan Soler Caracal

    Tyler Hinebauch Impala

    Julian Impala

    Link to Top Trophies of 2011

    Johnny Vivier, Founder & Professional Hunter - Wiaan van der Linde, Owner & Professional Hunter
    Wintershoek Safaris - South Africa
    When you've tried the rest, come and hunt with the BEST!

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    Great trophy's

    Thanks for sharing
    James Grage - New Mexico
    Hold a steady Eye & Rifle...
    "Very few of the so-called liberals are open-minded...they shout you down and won't let you speak if you disagree with them." John Wayne

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    An incredible collection of trophies Johnny, thanks for sharing them on AH!

    Jerome Philippe, Founder of
    Visited by over 240,000 hunters monthly, viewing 2.5 million pages, generating 14.5 million hits over 11,000 members (statistics Jan 2014).

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    If you enjoy this site then tell fellow hunters about it!

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    Incredible collection Johnny, you guys had a great year! Thanks for sharing! Hope to go to Africa again to collect an Eland and Nyala, along with various other plains game. Happy holidays, Brian

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    Wonderful trophies Johnny!
    The best hunt are the one in your dreams, the next best are the one in your memories.


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    Johnny you had a great year hope the next one is even better.
    Enjoy life now -- it has an expiration date.

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    Nice trophies !

    Wish you the best for 2013.

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    Nice trophies. Thanks for sharing, and have a good 2013!

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    Hey 2 of my trophies made the cut Springbok and Eland
    WJVS is top notch thanks for a great hunt Johnny!

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    Wow! Awesome Trophys! Thank you for sharing.


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    Outstanding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Thanks for the pics

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    Thanks for the pictures! Some outstanding trophys!

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    Very nice group of trophy animals!

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