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Bush Breaking Newsletter Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris 3 - 2012

This is a discussion on Bush Breaking Newsletter Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris 3 - 2012 within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Bush Breaking Newsletter Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris 3 - 2012 Thank you for taking the time to log into yet ...

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    Default Bush Breaking Newsletter Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris 3 - 2012

    Bush Breaking Newsletter Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris 3 - 2012

    Thank you for taking the time to log into yet another exciting Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris Bush Breaking News Letter. Without any hesitation WJVS can honestly boast that this 2012 year to date, has been our companies busiest season in the existence of our safaris that span over a 35 year period. We are indeed very blessed and the support of our clients has been absolutely amazing!!! Go grab a glass, or a cup of any good stuff, sit back, relax and share in our client's excitement, as we bring you up to date on all the hunts conducted these past few weeks. If you think that you may have missed out on a newsletter, then never fear, simple check out our website: click on newsletters and enjoy!

    Click here to check out our Newsletter.

    Judge Brent Haltom and his wife Jana from Texarkana, Arkansas USA booked a safari with Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris at the recent Dallas SCI show with a Lion being the #1 priority animal that Brent was after. Brent and Jana have been on other safaris before, with this being their first hunt with WJVS.
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    1st Time hunter to Africa and all the way from Orlando, Florida USA, Tony Gagliano had the time of his life hunting with PH Leroux Coetzee at our Gamagara hunting area. It was an absolute pleasure having Tony on safari and much fun was had by all who got to meet Tony and who shared a camp fire or 2 during his week long hunt.
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    Our good friend and client from Torreon Mexico, Carlos Martin, brought his wife Maria, and sons Carlos Jnr (17) and Diego (15) to hunt with WJVS at Thuru and Wintershoek camps. Pro Hunter Jacques Taljaard was up to the challenge of showing this wonderful family a hunt of a lifetime and that he most certainly did in true African style.
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    The whole of the Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris team were waiting in great anticipation for the arrival from Las Vegas of the Hinebauch family. It has been a good few years in the planning and finally Walt, Cal, Marian, Roy, Pat, Deavon, Tyler and Ally, touched down on African soil and were made to feel at home with their African family... Truly a special safari with a 4 generation family to pamper!!!
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    Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris had the privilege of welcoming 1st time hunters to our company, Fernando & Maria Trevino and their whole family all the way from Mexico! We booked our hunters into Gamagara and Thuru lodge areas and our clients sure did make themselves at home which was great for us to see. We had a hand full of PH's taking care of the group and special thanks to Braam, Jacques, Harry, Leroux and Dawie for making this safari a great success.
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    Bow hunter Mark Neville and his son Ryan from Mesa Arizona USA, tackled the Wintershoek Private Game Reserve area on this their 1st trip to Africa. PH Koos De Wet took command of the hunt with Mark being the primary hunter whilst Ryan was observing. Mark was using a Mathews Bow notched down to a 68lb pull which did the job. We want to thank Larry Jack for recommending Mark to Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris. It was indeed a pleasure having Mark & Ryan with us in camp.
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    It was in 1986 that we first had the privilege of meeting Mike Rogers Jnr from San Diego and of Safari Expeditions fame. Since then we have had the pleasure of hunting with Mike and his TV crew many times of which WJVS has featured in a number of shows on the Outdoor channel around the USA. It is indeed a great honor and of course a huge endorsement for our safari company to be affiliated and recognized by such a renowned hunter and celebrity as Mike Rogers.
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    Kathryn Kircher from Petoskey Michigan USA, brought her wonderful family to South Africa and joined us at the Thornybush Game Reserve and Thuru Lodge for a 10 day photo and hunting safari. Kathryn, Chivas, Hunter, Lois, Piper and Rett reported that they had an absolute ball in both locations. Very good sightings of the Big 5 was had and some great pictures were taken of an amazing Leopard at Thornybush. Special thanks must go to renowned and respected Zimbabwean Professional Hunter and Outfitter John Sharp, for recommending Kathryn to Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris (Luiperd Jagters!).
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    At the recent SCI show in Las Vegas this year Wiaan and Johnny were approached by our good friend and PH Cliff Walker of Walker & Watson Safaris and Doug Stein of Maryland USA. They knew of a young USA Marine Sniper Aaron Howell (25) who had lost both his legs and a bunch of fingers in a blast in Afghanistan 2 years ago that left him critically wounded. Doug knows Aaron well and Aaron's dream was always to go and hunt in Africa. It was at this exact time in our booth in Las Vegas, that Cal and Marian Hinebauch from the Desert Chapter heard of Aarons bucket list wish. Well the rest of the story is history!
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    It is indeed a great honor for Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris to welcome Scott Lupien, who is our newly found Beijing, China based agent to the WJVS team. It will be the first time in the history of our safari company that we have a representative from China promoting our safaris. We kicked off to a great start with Scott and 3 of his hunters at Thuru lodge ~ Mr. Wang, Mr. Wu and Mr. Yang are executive business men all from Beijing and we thoroughly enjoyed having the group in our camp and on safari with WJVS.
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    We received a nice email from Paul and Debby Schwengler from Alberta Canada requesting a Lioness and Crocodile hunt with a bow! There is only one PH that could get Paul into position for a shot and to achieve this daunting task and that is none other than Pro Hunter Yvan 鍍he great Nieuwwoudt!! Make no mistake folks, tracking a Lioness in the bush, one on one and under the Lions terms ain't easy at all. Plus you gotta get within shooting distance for a good bow shot!!! After 2 days of just not quite getting the right shot on the Lioness, Paul's moment finally came on the 3rd day...
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    It was the fault of our chopper pilot Herb Friedl that we got to meet these 2 crazy hunters from Alberta Canada, Anthony Tiberini and Frank Cosentino! The bar account is waiting for you Herb!! Ph's John Tinley and Yvan Nieuwoudt thoroughly enjoyed hunting with Anthony and Frank ~ Thanks for the intro Herb, it was a real treat sharing our camp at Wintershoek with such great guys. We most definitely are looking forward to seeing you both at your meeting in Toronto Canada in January. We look forward to hosting all your friends and business associates around our camp fire in the near future and we can't wait to get you guys back again ? See you at CHRISTOPHERS!!!
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    From all the WJVS team, keep safe and God bless... Out!!

    Link to newsletters: Bush Breaking Newsletter Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris

    DON'T FORGET!!! Keep checking our website at to view the latest Newsletter hosted, to see phenomenal photos and to read the full stories!!!!!!

    Johnny Vivier, Founder & Professional Hunter - Wiaan van der Linde, Owner & Professional Hunter
    Wintershoek Safaris - South Africa
    When you've tried the rest, come and hunt with the BEST!

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    Johnny good report..with pictures
    James Grage - New Mexico
    Hold a steady Eye & Rifle...
    "Very few of the so-called liberals are open-minded...they shout you down and won't let you speak if you disagree with them." John Wayne

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    Thanks for an exciting report Johnny.
    How are the nyalas doing at Wintershoek? That would be my next goal in Africa.
    The best hunt are the one in your dreams, the next best are the one in your memories.


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    Lekker Oom Johnny!!!! Cool newsletter... See you in the states!!!

    My best always.
    Jaco Strauss
    Kwalata Wilderness safaris - South Africa/Mozambique

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