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Is May too early to hunt in Namibia?

This is a discussion on Is May too early to hunt in Namibia? within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Hi All, I've planned a trip to Namibia but circumstances have meant I need to go a little earlier than ...

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    Default Is May too early to hunt in Namibia?

    Hi All,
    I've planned a trip to Namibia but circumstances have meant I need to go a little earlier than planned. At this point I'm looking at mid May this year will this be too early in the season? I'll be bowhunting which will be primarily over water holes I suspect.

    kind regards

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    Hi Bruce,

    Hunting in May should not be a problem unless we have a late rainy season up until April. This will then mean more standing water in the field. This can be an advantage as well, if you erect natural hides around the natural standing water. The animals mite be less skittish than around the usual waterhole.
    Hope you have a successful hunt and enjoy Namibia.


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    As spies mentioned for Bow hunting it could decent and it could be difficult best times for a bow hunt would be July - September it could potentially work to a degree, but rain would be your enemy so to speak, good late season rain Jan Feb March April can hurt you most definitly.

    One has to keep in mind while some of the field water might have dried up many species will get good moisture from greenery around, I do not want to be a party pooper but you are not in the best time for bow hunting, you will most probably be hitting Kudu during the rut so potentially that could work but bow hunting is an iffy thing.

    I would take a rifle as a back up, if you are against rifle hunting take the bow and say a hail Mary.

    I do appologize if I come over as being a little negative but I have had many bow hunts in May and none of them have been overly succesfull guys did get some species but no fireworks.

    My best always.
    Jaco Strauss
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    Last year they had a LOT of water around Otavi and this was the result. The farm tractor had been stuck and this happened in June.
    This picture is from the first week in July 2011.

    Attachment 9740

    Who knows what the weather will be, but.... I think you are getting the general picture. Could be a gamble for bow hunting.
    If this is going to be a once in a life time event. I would suggest you wait until you can spend the time at the OPTIMAL time of year for bow hunting.

    Have fun.
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    May is do able, however have a backup plan (rifle along)

    When you bow or rifle hunt you have no control over the weather and if it rains, this will make thing very difficult at best. Then it becomes a waiting game waiting for things to dry out. Small water pockets around will keep animals away from there other sources.

    How many different waterhole blinds are available to you. and what is the length of your hunt. The more days you have the better your chances will be.

    I have been in Africa when it was the rainy season and it was a dry as a popcorn fart. and I have been there during the dry season and it rained making things difficult.

    I try to go to "underground weather" and look at the past few years for a trend for the area i will be hunting. part of the research...

    If the weather you have researched is good gives you a 60 to 75% to excellent at 90 to 100% then go with it. Usually the outfitter will have some news on the weather for you.
    James Grage - New Mexico
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