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concession syndication

This is a discussion on concession syndication within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; I am left to wonder, with worldwide economics being what they are now and may be for the near future, ...

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    Default concession syndication

    I am left to wonder, with worldwide economics being what they are now and may be for the near future, if the time has arrived where the chairs at the table may be about ready to shift a bit.

    Hunters become syndicate members, PH's become full-time employees of the syndicate and outfitters fade to the role of "deal guys" locating and identifying the concession properties suitable for syndication.

    Perhaps way off base here, just an observation that is formed in the review of what crosses my desk.

    So, the questions are:

    Ever seen a deal

    are we there

    any preference as to participation

    and finally, general comments and opinions

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    Definitely an most interesting observation when looking at some of the offers out there....
    Hentie van Heerden
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    Deal guys are already in place at the real estate and law offices from many ads and opportunities I have seen online.

    Who has enough "spare" money in this economy to be in a syndicate. There are always going to be those who could afford this option. But, the majority could not, IMHO. Always sharing those scarce resources.

    A perception of savings would have to be present as well as ROI better than the savings account at home.

    So, it is an option. It won't take over the industry though.
    Show me the/your offerings!

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