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"Must Haves" for a Plains Game Hunt in RSA?

This is a discussion on "Must Haves" for a Plains Game Hunt in RSA? within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; messmate, You have the right idea, we tend to pack way too much. My sin is rifles. Last hunt I ...

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    You have the right idea, we tend to pack way too much. My sin is rifles. Last hunt I used three rifles to kill three animals.

    Keep it simple, good binos, comfortable boots (quiet ones will keep down the dirty looks from the PH), rifle ,ammo, a couple of changes of clothes............ but why is my packing list three pages long? Must be my wife's stuff.....and no way will she wear a "Jane" outfit.

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    Packing, excuse me

    For many of us here, and you know who you are, we stood down 1/2 of SE Asia with one change of clothes, the ones you were presently wearing, some of the worst boots in the world and a bolt action .308 or a somewhat temperamental 5.56.

    Since when did this crowd develop concerns about good grooming?
    "He even took the gramophone on safari. Three rifles, provisions for a month and . . . . Mozart"
    Karen Blixen

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    Some great suggestions already made. I can only repaet most of them.

    Make sure your boots are QUIET and don't go 'crunch, crunch' on dirt.
    Only use pure wool socks.
    Sock guards
    Some pre-cut patches to wipe down your rifle, small container of oil, an old shaving brush to flick off the dust and a bore snake pull through is all you need for cleaning.
    Short brimmed hat
    One good thick jacket for before sunrise and after sunset which is rain resistant.
    I wear long sleeves and long trousers as protection.
    No need for a laser range finder.
    Binos that are LIGHT to go on your harness. 8x is all you need.
    Take nothing you can't leave behind.
    Dust and moisture resistant/proof pocket camera with memory card and video function.
    Flash drive for the PH's photos. I also scan all my documents and contact numbers and keep them on the flash drive.
    An open mind.
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    Some reading material...while you are waiting at the airport. Patience...and then some more patience. The best 10X binoculars you can afford! A journal. Medications...especially stomach problems. Sunscreen. A ammo belt or holder that fits on your belt.

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    Default Ditto

    Quote Originally Posted by PHOENIX PHIL View Post
    You know if you're inclined, a nice cigar goes really well with a cold Castle....
    When I read the above post I thought to myself "Just topital". Couldn't agree more, PHOENIX PHIL
    Animus facit nobilem

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