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Bush Breaking Newsletter Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris 2 - 2011

This is a discussion on Bush Breaking Newsletter Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris 2 - 2011 within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; It is with great pleasure that WJVS brings to you our 2nd Bush Breaking Newsletter of 2011. Thanks for taking ...

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    Default Bush Breaking Newsletter Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris 2 - 2011

    It is with great pleasure that WJVS brings to you our 2nd Bush Breaking Newsletter of 2011. Thanks for taking the time to click on our link, which will bring you right up to date on all of our hunts and some news this past April month in the WJVS camps... Enjoy!

    We kick off our newsletter with some disturbing bush telegraph news ~ we featured our friend and world renowned Author and Hunter Craig Boddington in our April newsletter. Craig suffered a heart attack a few weeks ago whilst hunting in Ghana. Craig survived his unforeseen ordeal and is presently at home in the USA recuperating, where his condition is 鄭 okay. We wish Craig a speedy and full recovery ?e is in our prayers!

    Well, since we last spoke a few weeks ago, our camps sure have been a hive of activity with no fewer than 14 hunters kicking up the African dust with some incredible trophies taken to date! Reports coming in from our 4 camps, is that the terrain is looking better than it has ever done in 40 years, due to all the superb rains that we have been experiencing and continue to have as we speak. Incredible to say the very least, with our Wildlife looking in absolute prime condition ~ The Buffalo bulls are soooooo fat that they look like huge black armored tanks rolling through the brush ? Great stuff!

    The renovating of our Gamagara Lodge continues and will be ready by the end of August to receive hunters. This phenomenal hunting area is home to over 600 Gemsbuck and a long list of other exciting species for our clients to hunt. We are expecting some awesome trophies to be taken at Gamagara later this year, with a big plus being the lodge that will be absolutely fantastic when completed. If you haven稚 booked a hunt for this year yet, then get yourself into gear and be one of the 1st hunters to hunt at Gamagara since they became part of us in November last year. We still have some open dates starting September through to the beginnin of December... We are waiting for your call.

    Once again it was great to give Christian Brendel a very warm welcome back with JVS for his 2nd safari. This time however, Christian brought his wife Maren, 3 sons Linus, Lucas and Leon, plus a dear family friend, Inge Ketzler to enjoy South Africa痴 hospitality and hunting at its very best! Professional Hunter Strauss Jordaan and Yvan Nieuwoudt took charge of the Brendel group and everyone had a great time with some excellent trophies hunted. Huge thanks Christian for your return business and for bringing your family to meet with us. It was a pleasure having you all in camp and we look forward to your return in the near future to once again hunt, Africa痴 Black Death... Buffalo!

    Christian with his awesome Sable antelope

    Christian, Strauss & Lucas with a 28 inch Barbary Sheep

    Maren & Christian with a superb Lechwe Bull

    Lucas poses with his excellent Fallow Deer

    Tracker Lucas and hunter Lucas with a record quality Black Springbok

    Our great friend and JVS supporter for many, many years Eduard Seydlitz, was back again in April with 2 different groups of clients from Belgium! There were some familiar faces amongst the first group of hunters and a few new ones too. It was good to see our old friends Pierre Cluck, Aldo Rizzo and Jean Marc again and to meet and welcome 1st time hunters, Raymond Bouvy, and Luc Coulon to our Wag 創 Bietjie Lodge.

    Professional hunters John Tinley, Yvan Nieuwoudt and Liam Urry, had the pleasure of guiding our hunters on this particular safari. The entire hunt was captured on film by Hannes Pienaar, owner of HP Productions and what a grand time was had by all, with every hunter excelling out there in the sticks. A very big thank you Ed, for your years of business, continued support, advice, guidance and friendship... You are the MAN!!

    Pro Hunter Yvan, Camera man Hannes and Client Luc with a fine Kudu Bull

    Luc with his hard earned Eland Bull trophy

    PH Yvan and Luc with a monster South African Springbok

    Luc and Yvan pose with an old Waterbuck Bull

    Ed congratulates Luc on taking 2 great trophies, a Red Hartebeest and a Gemsbuck

    Tracker Richard holds up Aldo痴 Kudu... Great hunting!

    Aldo with his record book Common Blesbuck

    Jean Marc had an awesome shot on this huge Burchells Zebra

    Raymond and Ed with a heavy horned Blue Wildebeest Bull

    PH John Tinley, trackers April & John, enjoying the moment with Raymond and his gold medal Eland Bull

    Ed had a nice surprise for all at JVS, when his 2nd group of clients from Belgium, arrived in camp with Mr. and Mrs. Grosfils celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with us and three generations of family members, Stephanie, Ivana, Pieter and Tjom.

    It was a romantic African setting to choose Wag 創 Bietjie lodge to celebrate such a milestone in their lives... Wow! The group enjoyed lots of sightseeing, playing some golf and relaxing in and around the camp.

    However!!! Nothing seemed complete without some good hunting to take preference, AFTER, the anniversary celebrations were over. What a wonderful occasion and tons of fun was shared by everyone... many, many more happy years together... CHEERS!!!

    Special thanks must go to Pierre Cluck for recommending the Grosfils group to Ed who in turn brought them to JVS.

    Pieter, Ivana, Mr. Grosfils and Tjom, pose with Stephanie痴 Southern Greater Kudu

    Stephanie with a rare Bontebok record class trophy

    Pieter and his Warthog

    Mr. Grosfils and a huge Steenbuck

    Tracker Cephas and Tjom with a superb Impala ram

    In January of 2010 at the Great Falls show in Montana USA, John and Susan Anthony met Strauss and Tom St. John at the JVS booth where they chatted about a 1st time plains game safari... The rest is history!!! The whole JVS team was honored to have such great folks stay in our camp and hunt for a week with Yvan as their Pro Hunter. Here is what John and Susan had to say on their return home:

    'Johnny & Wiaan... The whole trip was incredible!!!!!... I know you are so proud of the staff you have!!! But they went above and beyond in my opinion... The graciousness and hospitality was extraordinary....!!!! ...People ask me what part of the trip I enjoyed the most?... I have to say that it was the people at the camp...From the moment my wife met Strauss in Great Falls more than a year and half ago to the time we had to say "Good-bye" the people were the part of the trip I will remember the most.... The unbridled joy that Susan displayed when Ansabet let her hold the Meercat and the two small Serval cats made her trip so complete... But when Strauss set up the early showing of the lion cubs outside of Kimberly it was just so special to her... I am not sure if I have ever seen her happier......Ever!!! A trip of a lifetime....!!!....You and the staff so far exceeded any expectations we had that I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for everyone and everything you did for us... "Thank you" truly from my heart, John & Susan Anthony.?/em>

    Thank you for the kind words, you make us feel so proud that we are all walking tall right now. We look forward to your return soon with greatest anticipation... God Bless!

    John on his arrival day in camp being congratulated by Yvan and tracker John for taking his 1st African animal, a fine Impala ram

    John & Yvan with 1 Impala

    Pro Hunter Yvan and John are thrilled with such a fine Kudu specimen... Great hunting!

    Tracker John, Susan and John hunting in the hills at Wag 創 Bietjie... beautiful 前ut of Africa scenery!!

    Susan and John pose with their Gemsbuck

    John with an amazing Burchells Zebra with a flawless hide

    Our National animal of South Africa, the Common Springbuck, John took a record class trophy!

    John couldn稚 resist taking another Impala, when this huge Ram presented himself

    We trust that you have enjoyed another informative Bush Breaking Newsletter... Please watch out for another Newsletter coming out within another week! We still have 4 safaris to show you all the thrills and trophies wich took place in April... We don't want to overload your hard drive with too many photos, so watch this space for more details to follow. In the meantime take care out there, oil your guns and God bless, from the WJVS team... Out!

    Link to newsletter: Bush Breaking Newsletter Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris 2

    Johnny Vivier, Founder & Professional Hunter - Wiaan van der Linde, Owner & Professional Hunter
    Wintershoek Safaris - South Africa
    When you've tried the rest, come and hunt with the BEST!

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    great news letter...

    photos of some very good trophy's...

    smiles on faces are what you want and you have a bunch...
    James Grage - New Mexico
    Hold a steady Eye & Rifle...
    "Very few of the so-called liberals are open-minded...they shout you down and won't let you speak if you disagree with them." John Wayne

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    Thanks Johnny for sharing your newsletter on AH!

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    Thanks for sharing. Some fine looking animaks there, no doubt.

    Funny to see Ed... Still wearing thatnhat! And thiat sweater in the busg

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