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GREAT reason for a PH shot colaboration

This is a discussion on GREAT reason for a PH shot colaboration within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Let me see what I can do....

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    Let me see what I can do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DUGABOY1 View Post
    There was a case a few yrs ago when both the client hunter, and the PH were killed by a buffalo. It seems they followed the buff into a thick Korongo, after leaving the client's wife, and young son on top of a hill to watch from above. . .
    DUGABOY1. . . although I don't recall a young boy, that may be the same incident I remember from years back which occurred in Zim. If so, to make matters even more gruesome the wife caught the incident, including the disembowelment of her husband, on video. She was already filming when things got hairy and all hell broke loose. She apparently 'froze' with the running camera in hand. I was told the trackers had to grab her and pull her to safety as they retreated themselves.

    That poor woman will forever have one hell of a stain on her memory from witnessing that incident. In any event I'm glad to hear that those involved in this most recent incident will be okay and back at it soon.
    There is only one degree of dead . . . there are many degrees of wounded

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    Each year in our camps there are minor accidents and most could excell in a heartbeat but fortunatly do not..We get probably one or two charges a year, sometimes less and sometimes more..I have seen many charges begin but never come together because of good shooting..A lot of folks don't see the charge coming and never realize it..I recall one huge bull I shot and he ran a simi-circle around me, I should have know he was looking for me and ran that circle to get my wind and when he did he came for me but I killed him at about 35 or 40 yards away..When I see that simi circle today I know its going to escalate into a charge. Experience is a wonderful thing.

    I have been out in a Vuga with grass 10 feet high and walk right into the middle of several hundred feeding buffalo so close that they were pushing my body around, we eased out of there, but one shot, one wind change and we would have been ground hamburger..The PHs only comment was "That was a big cheeky my boy" Damn I reckon..and then their are the Lions that stick there pretty heads out of the grass and you can hear the kittens mewing behinf her..You don't want to shoot her with cubs and she is thinking about eating your face off, so you take turns backing out and she takes a step with each turn towards you, hopefully she get bored and sneers disgust at you and arrogantly turns and slowly walks away..or how about the Lioness that jumped in the back of the pickup and all the staff jumped out and left the country! The cow buff that had gone off from the herd because she had a foot in a snare and as you approach the herd she jumps up and tosses the client and the PH, but they managed to kill her and all they got was the story of a lifetime and some scratches that would heal up and hair over before the Safari was over. Then the time I was walking on thick laid over grass and fell in a hole and hit my chin on my rifle as it caught on each side of the hole, Pierre grabbed me and pulled me out they tell me, I was colder n wedge. BTW that hole was probably 50 feet deep and 2 feet around??

    Is it dangerous? you damn right and it doesn't have to be a charging buffalo, it can come from a million places and I think I am working on about a thousand incidents that could have gone bad but didn't..Funny stuff when it doesn't escalate, not so funny when it does.

    Dangerous game hunting is just that, dangerous! and fun.

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    Dangerous Stuff indeed... but LOTS OF FUN! Also a world of learning about one self.
    Ryan Shallom (CEO)
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