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Plains Game Rifle Selection

This is a discussion on Plains Game Rifle Selection within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Originally Posted by Second Wind Hence, my decision for a straight PG hunt is the .375 Holland and for a ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Second Wind View Post
    Hence, my decision for a straight PG hunt is the .375 Holland and for a combination hunt of buffalo and something like Roan or Sable, the .416 Rigby. I believe this selection inures to the benefit of the quarry, covers a multitude of potential sins and, as far as the buffalo goes, allows my Mother a better night's sleep.
    Your Rifle selection of 375 H & H and the 416 Rigby will have you well covered...
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    30-06 is a great combo with your 375 H&H. 180gr for bushveld and 165gr for open plains. If you decide on a magnum then look a a 30H&H Mag as well. I love mine - extremely accurate, lower pressures and less recoil than 300 Win Mag.
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