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Culling in Africa

This is a discussion on Culling in Africa within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Sir It`s a pity that your laws prohibit the commercial use of game, because that actually prohibits the numbers of ...

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    May 2011

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    It`s a pity that your laws prohibit the commercial use of game, because that actually prohibits the numbers of game animals kept. If they had monetary value it would mean that there would be a lot more game on private land possibly even game farmers!
    Game meat is a wonderful natural source of protein, hugely undervalued for its health benefits over commercially farmed lamb or beef.
    At the moment I only harvest springbok and oryx, because our abattoirs that are certified for export, does not have a high enough slaughter lines that can accomodate the larger animal carcasses.
    I am leaving tomorrow again for a week wherein we (me and two colleages) have to harvest 800 springbok.
    Thank you for the interest.

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    Mar 2012
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    I found this thread incredibly interesting. I wanted to bump it to the top so others can see it.

    Coming from a country where selling game is strictly forbidden this is a whole other world to me.

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    What a great set up for handling the meat. I have been on implala culls and we had to run a crew to get loaded vehicles back to the slaughter point. The buyer provided refer trucks. We mostly used .22 with silencers and subsonic. One back up bigger rifle for the few wounded. In SA night hunting is a problem and needs a permit. .22 also needs permission if you are not "family,"

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    Think I just found a new profession.... thanks for sharing Werdus Smith
    "That which does not kill us makes us stronger" Friedrich Nietzsche // That which does not kill me, better run like hell" Scott Smith

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    Werdus, welcome to AH Form. Glad to hear from your side of the "hunting" world. When I was in Namibia 3 months ago at Jamy Traut's Panorama Camp south of Windhoek we went through a couple of small towns going there and I saw posters advertising for culling operations looking for so many gemsbuck or so many springbuck. Now it is very interesting to see your side of that advert. Thanks.

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    Jul 2013

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    I am interested to participate in your culling hunt could you mail me for your next outing please > thanks

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    Sep 2011

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    Hello Werdus,

    Thanks very much for the photos and overall information. I hunted near Outjo in 2010 with Christi Liebenberg, who did culling in addition to guiding. He told me about culling seals on the beach, shooting big bulls only with .22's. He said it was sloppy & messy compared to truck culling. The meat, I think, went for dog food? He visited me in the US and took home plenty of .243 bullets for reloading, but airport thieves stole most of them. One of the things I enjoy most while transiting through southern Africa on hunts is the great variety of game meats on restaurant menus. Here in the states- - its beef or chicken! Cheers!

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