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Zebra Hunt - Unfamiliar Territory

This is a discussion on Zebra Hunt - Unfamiliar Territory within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; My fellow hunters, i have been hunting most antelope in South-Africa and Namibia, but suddenly I find myself in unfamiliar ...

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    Default Zebra Hunt - Unfamiliar Territory

    My fellow hunters,

    i have been hunting most antelope in South-Africa and Namibia, but suddenly I find myself in unfamiliar territory and need guidance please...

    One of my colleagues (Frenchman) is bound to return to France soon and knowing my annual hunting ecapades, he requested me to hunt him a Zebra to take the tanned skin back to France. I have found a Burchell's Zebra to hunt for him so that is sorted. Himself and his wife will join me on the hunt - Omaruru / Otjiwarongo district.

    I will be using my 30-06 with 180 gr, but what i do not know anything about is hunting Zebra, or shotplacement for a trophy skin. I suppose broad-side is certainly out of the question as it wil ruin the trophy with 1 or 2 holes, thus leaving 2 possibilities - either a head shot or...the nearly impossible - from the rear where there is a hole allready...(joke)

    I understand from the farm that distance will be between 150 - 200 m. I will appreciate your guidance / input / experience with hunting Zebra (trophy skin) and shot placement on such a hunt, please.
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    Hey fhm3006,

    You do not have to worry about the 2x holes in the skin from the broadside shot which would be the safest option on the distances you gave in your post. The taxidermist will fix the holes you wont even know where the shot was. So go ahead and shoot at the point of the triangle on the shoulder and you will not risk losing a animal to a jaw shot or head shot gone wrong.

    Best regards,

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    My left hand points to the entry hole on this (just) mature cull stallion. It was a double lung shot without complete penetration and the animal ran 50 metres before expireing. Yes the .308W and 165 Woodleigh.

    The chevrons on the shoulder make a great aiming mark. If I had hit 30mm to the rear I would have had the heart as well.

    The skin is on our lounge room floor with a repair patch that makes a good talking point if you can find it. We left the head skin off which we think looks more presentable and it is backed with black felt. They also look good on a large wall.

    IMHO the 180grain and .30-06 will be a good choice.

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    Also slightly quarting away is a great shot. You can drive the bullet into the oppisite shoulder and possibly only have one hole. Any quality taxidermist will have no problem fixing normal bullet holes.
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    I would also note that the bullet does need to be well constructed. A poorly constructed bullet that does not reach the vitals results in a running game battle with zebra. A buddy shot a zebra with a 300 weatherby mag and a 180gr bullet (Hornady Interlock)hit right on the point of the shoulder. We chaseed that zebra about 6 miles before we caught up and put a finisher in it.

    Don't worry about the holes they are very easily sewn and patched. You will not even notice the hole.

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    the point of the chevron is a good aiming point.
    with any luck you will have a standing shot quartering toward you. so aim about 3inches or 1 stripe ahead of the chevron.
    mine hit with a 225grain core-lokt bullet went 10 did not hole easily patched..
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    Code4, I love your zebra rug, very classy.

    You got some great advise, the taxidermist can stitch those holes right up. The last Burchell Zebra I shot took a Nosler Partition from 50 yards away from a 338 Win Mag and the bullet didn't was broadside shot...those zebras are tough! The zebras went maybe 75 yds. and died!

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    Do not worry to much about entry hole you will barely be able to see it, if there is any chance of damaging the skin then the zebras will do it before you get the chance to shoot it, they bite and kick the heck out of each other.
    for shot placement ,check the shot placement photos on top under "more" .
    when you go to the otjiwarongo district make sure you plan a few days extra for ethosia NP, you'll love Namibia!!!!! enjoy

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    Thank you all for the sound advise gentlemen - much appreciated.
    Very nice Zeb skin you have there Code4.

    I have never hunted a trophy animal (horns or skin) before and i did not know the bullet holes can be fixed - excellent. I am very familiar with my 30-06, we come a long way - and should the distance be acceptable to me and i feel comfy to go for the head, then i will. Now knowing i can send it broad side as well and the holes can be fixed - i have options - thanks again. This hunt will materialise end May or June - still waiting for the farm to reply.

    I am leaving early Friday morning for my first hunt - Eland and Oryx - will post some pics when (if!) i return sucessfully.
    Fortes Fortuna Luvat

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