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Blue Wildebeest Bullets

This is a discussion on Blue Wildebeest Bullets within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Goodness, I got a lot of respect for the "poor man's buffalo" this past weekend. Shot a BWB with a ...

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    Goodness, I got a lot of respect for the "poor man's buffalo" this past weekend. Shot a BWB with a .375 Weatherby Magnum, frontal shot and the bullet went through the middle of the middle of the heart and he still ran about 60-70 metres! When we skinned him, the lungs etc just fell out in pieces, but he still ran that distance, pretty impressive..shot was from about 120m.
    I agree with Marius, most mistakes on BWB are "high" shots, because of that hump..

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    I shot mine with a .270 loaded with 150 grain Barnes X Bullets. It was a frontal heart shot from 150 yards or so and it went about 50 yards before it dropped.

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    Any premium soft in your 375 will be plenty for blue wildebeest. No need for solids.

    Here is a blue wildebeest I took in 2004, KwaZulu Natal. Shot with 300 Win Mag with factory 180 gn Nosler Partition Golds. Distance was about 75 yards. Dropped him in his tracks. PH said to put another in him while he was kicking on the ground. PH ran up to him and put a 40 cal bullet in his skull as point blank range. None of the other shots were really needed as the first shot took out the plumbing on the top of the heart and broke both shoulders.

    I took this black wildebeest last year with handloaded ammo using the same 300 Win Mag. Bullet used was a 180 gn Barnes TSX. Distance was 271 yards and bullet exited the opposite side. Bull stumbled about 20 yards and was finished.

    Put the bullet in the right place and smile pretty for the camera!
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    "Make no mistake, it's not revenge he's after ... it's the reckoning."

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    Quote Originally Posted by VonJager View Post
    Even on Buffalo PH's recommend a soft point for the first shot. I do not think a solid would help you. Soft points will allow you to bring one round, and you will always have the appropriate round in the gun no matter the situation. Also some countries, like Namibia, do not allow solids for plains game.

    Get a quality soft point of hardy contruction i.e. Swift A-Frame, Barnes X, Nosler Partition and enjoy your hunt.

    Not even sure you need premium bullet. Perhaps any quality soft point? I took mine with a 7x57 at 100 yards and a 175gr. factory softpoint. Stick it where you should and you will be ok...
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    I agree, any of these calibres is sufficient. I have .270 Win and got this nice bull with a 150gr round no problem, shot placement is vital and I would agree, use soft bullets.
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