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African Safari- How much time do you need for booking?

This is a discussion on African Safari- How much time do you need for booking? within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; I would like to hear the general consensus of the guys that actually do it. How far ahead do you ...

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    Default African Safari- How much time do you need for booking?

    I would like to hear the general consensus of the guys that actually do it. How far ahead do you look at booking your safari.
    Without taking money into consideration of still paying off the taxidermy from the last trip and so on.
    What works for you? If a great deal comes along, will you leave in lets say a month? Do you like 6 months to get everything in order or are you one of those guys that like a year or more to plan?
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    Well if I have the money in hand...6 months is plenty of time...especially if I have vacation left for the year....heck I'd throw in the towel, if airfare was available and it was a super deal with a great outfitter in 2 weeks if the money was available and it was the hunt I had in mind. Because the money part is the hard part for me ....not so much the time frame.

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    With two young boys in the house, work constraints and my at home hunting plans, it's at least a year. When the boys are grown, it could be a different story and those more spur of the moment type safaris may be possible.

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    I like a year or so because like most things in life its the anticipation of something that is most delicious. I am booked for Zim in June and booked it about 3 months ago. Of course one begins planning the next hunt directly upon return from the current hunt but it usually must wait for a while. Made my first trip in '85, then '90, '96, then it was a long stretch until 2007 before I went again due to raising a family, work etc, same old story. Went again in '09 and now booked for '11. I would go every year if I could afford it!

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    I try and go every two years. That way I am either preparing for a trip or settling up the trophy import and taxidermy issues from the last trip. For instance, I shot elephant and hippo this last many. I am still working on getting the tusks in country, tanning the hide and such. By spring 2011 that should be all set then I can start looking and researching. The premium dates seem to go by Jan of Feb of the year of the hunt so I start narrowing down the selection by fall and have pretty much made a decision by the time I go to SCI in Jan to meet the PH and such. Then its just a few more months of anticipation and getting rifles sighted in for my trip. This schedule also lets me build up skymiles and my wife doesnt seem to mind.

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    I have the slight advantage of being self employed. I could clear my schedule and leave in a week unless i had something extremely serious. I plan 6 months to a year out ideally, but i snatched up a hunt two years ago and went within six weeks. All depends on the deal!!

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    I would need atleast a months notice because of work.
    I am a planner and generaly plan out things years in advance, but in a pinch i can go when money and time permit.
    I have walked in the tracks of the elephant, heard the lion roar and met the buffalo on his terms. I shall never be the same.

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    Hi fellow hunter. Normally I book 6-12 months ahead. However sometimes when you get that "special" hunt, I can be ready as soon as all licenses at destination are ready. Really the only thing that can take time is the gun license cause I always have to hunt with my own rifle. Of cause references are always important.

    Happy New Year.

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    I just booked a couple months ago for my first hunt, plains game in Namibia, for September of '09. I will probably allow two years for my next, Cape Buffalo, due to cost and stuff. So for me at least the more expensive the hunt/game animal, the longer the delay.

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    I started planning a full year ahead for my first hunt and was glad I did. There was so much to learn. If I have the money set aside, I would be OK with 6 months lead time now.

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    For me one year is ideal, being from Mexico takes me about 5 weeks for visas, I could not grab a deal before this time, also raising a family with a new born, but one year is plenty of time for me, I am going to Kyrgystan in Oct 2011, booked in 09 upon returning from Zim, I am about to be in sheep shape, the remaining time will give me the oportunity to tune up my body, I could not be ready before this time lap. So it also depends on the phisical demands of the hunt and my current condition.

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