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100 Pounder Elephant taken in northern Moz

This is a discussion on 100 Pounder Elephant taken in northern Moz within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Dear Friends, With our last elephant hunt still under way for the 2010 season, we are really proud of our ...

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    Default 100 Pounder Elephant taken in northern Moz

    Dear Friends,

    With our last elephant hunt still under way for the 2010 season, we are really proud of our Argentinian client, Carlos E. On the 4th Nov he took a beautiful bull with matching ivory out of our Niassa Reserve Block B Concession.

    The ivory has just been weighed and measured and we are happy to break the news that Kambako Safaris has finally taken that illusive 100 pounder.

    Client - Carlos E, Argentina
    PH - Jumbo Moore

    Left tusk:
    Circumference - 21.5"
    From the lip - 63"
    Total tusk length - 93"
    Length of nerve - 59"
    Weight - 46.6kg or 102.5 lbs

    Right tusk:
    Circumference - 21"
    From the lip - 62"
    Total tusk length - 91"
    Length of nerve - 53"
    Weight - 45.4kg or 100.1 lbs

    Enjoy the photos. We would also like to point out that this bull was taken out of a group of 8 bulls. In the group was another bull with identical tusks. A 3rd bull with slightly longer tusks but thinner and then a single tusker (RHS) which was a bit thinner but at least 1 to 1.5 foot longer. With bulls like these still been seen, there is no other destination like the Niassa Reserve for truly magnificent ivory.

    To our many Spanish speaking clients, here are a few words from Carlos;

    Estimado Jumbo:
    Cuando estableci contacto contigo los ultimos dias de octubre, lejos estaba de imaginarme lo que ocurriria el 4 de noviembre. Como sabemos por cacerias enteriores en Zimbabwe soy de facil y rapida decision, una vez que veo que lo que ofreces es para mi posible. Asi fue en este caso, ya que estaba decidido a tener experiencias contigo en Mozambique y el 30 de ocubre llegaba a Pemba para ser transladado por tu avioneta al campamento. Resultado el domingo 31 estabamos caminando juntos por esos maravillosos lugares de tu concecion con una temperatura propia de la epoca que hacia derretirnos y atormentados por las tsetse que estaban en el explendor de su inspiracion; nuestra busqueda : elefante cuyo trofeo me habia propuesto y conversado contigo hicieramos los imposible estubiera en el orden de las 60lbs. Para lo cual habia comprometido un tiempo de 17 dias.

    Bueno, aquellos cazadores que saben de que se trata la caceria de elefantes, demas esta decirles lo que esto significa, y para los que no ,es aquella de la gran demanda fisica y emocional, para mi la numero uno sin lugar a dudas.

    Transcurrieron los dias con, donde perseguimos rastros seleccionados sabiamente por tu experiencia con resultados normales, perdidas de rastros en la enorme cantidad de hojas secas consecuencia de la temporada seca y del ciclo nuevo de lo arboles a comenzar a partir de las primeras lluvias esperadas de este mes y otras donde nos acercamos a machos con colmillos que no eran los deseados. Todo esto con aquellos rodeos a las hembras con cria en cantidades que pueblan tu area de caza. Asi usabamos 14 horas diarias donde yo regresaba al campamento realmente destruido, pero con el ansia y espectativa de la experiencia del dia siguiente.

    Asi llego el gran dia jueves 4 de noviembre el quinto de caceria donde viste aquel rastro que decidiste persiguieramos y asi fue que hallamos aquellos grupos de hembras con cria, numerosos por cierto ya que habia mas de 80 en esa quietud relativa de ubicarse en las escasas sombras que regalaban los pocos arboles que tenian hojas. El viento por cierto tan variable y cambiante de africa hacia que nos movieramos entre grupos con gran sigilo. Alli fue que avistaste el grupo de machos a una distancia de 200 metros, y despues de un cambio de opiniones con los trackers, hicimos un rodeo usando el viento a nuestro favor para llegarles a una distancia donde pudiste evaluar la calidad de alguno de ellos,por cierto vi dos que me gustaron, pero mi escasa experiencia hacia que buscara en tu expresion la decision a tomar. Cuando dijiste vamos Carlos no dude que alli estaba el, el gran macho buscado. Asi fue que nos acercamos y sin dudar me dijiste donde apoyarme y a que lugar disparar; directo al corazon. Y asi terminaron los dias de aquel viejo machos cuyos colmillos resultaron ser los mas grandes cazador en tu concesion y que pesaron 102,5lbs.

    Jumbo; que puedo decirte. No me alcanzan palabras pero se que me comprendes : Gracias por todo !!!

    Regards to you all and we look forward to seeing you at the shows in Jan / March.

    Jumbo & The Kambako Team

    Jumbo Moore

    Managing Director of Kambako Safaris

    See you at the following shows:
    Reno SCI - Booth #'s 436 / 438
    Dortmund, Germany
    Salzburg, Austria
    Venetoria, Spain

    skype: jumbosafaris
    International Cell Phone #: + 27 73 489 4019
    South African Tel / Fax #: +27 41 368 8013
    Moz Cell #: +258 82 098 1880
    Kambako African Safaris - Mozambique, Africa

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    COLOSSAL, GIGANTIC & ENORMOUS ...............Congratulations ... to Carlos & to you , for guiding your client to take a Goliath of a elephant with such record class tusks, such massive ivory is hardly seen in the wild in the present day elephant hunting scenario ..


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    Hopefully this is a testament to the future of elephant hunting.

    Congrats to all
    I have walked in the tracks of the elephant, heard the lion roar and met the buffalo on his terms. I shall never be the same.

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    Thank you for sharing the pictures...

    I did a quick'n'dirty translation of the text, carlos wrote, hope everyone can understand
    (sometimes translation fron spanish to german to english can be a bit weird...)

    When I contacted you the last days of October, Iwas far from imagining what would happen on 4 November. As we knew from hunts in Zimbabwe we made an enterior quick and easy decision, once I saw that your offer was to my potential. So in this case it was decided to have experiences with you in Mozambique. Results on Sunday 31 were walking together for those wonderful places in your Concessions, with a temperature characteristic of the time and tormented by the tsetse, that were in the splendor of his inspiration, our search: elephant trophy which I had proposed and discussed with you did the impossible embers in the order of 60lbs. For which he had committed a time of 17 days.

    Well, those hunters who know what hunting of elephants is about, there is no need to say what that means, and for those who don't know, it is one of the great physical and emotional demands, for me the number one no doubt.

    Spent the day with trails, wisely selected by your experience, with normal traces lost in the huge amount of leaves due to the dry season and the new cycle of the trees to start from the first rains expected this month, and others in which we approach males with tusks that were not desired. All this with those herds with breeding females in quantities that fill your hunting area. So we used 14 hours a day. I returned to camp actually destroyed, but with the desire and expectation to experience the next day.

    So the big day arrived Thursday, 4 November, the fifth of hunting where you saw this trail so it was decided to persecute and to find those groups of breeding females, many by the way, there were more than 80, in the few located shadows that gave away the few trees that had leaves. The wind of course is highly variable and changing, making it difficult for us to move between groups with great secrecy. There was sighting of a group of males at a distance of 200 meters, and after an exchange of views with the trackers, we made a detour using the wind for us to reach a distance where you could assess the quality of any of them, by the way I saw two that I liked, but because of my little experience to look, it was your expression that the decision was made. When we told Carlos that, there was no doubt he wanted the big male. So it was that, we approached and without hesitation told me a place to lean and shoot, direct to the heart. And so ended the days of that old male whose tusks were found to be the greatest hunter in your grant and who weighed 102.5 lbs.

    Jumbo, I can tell No words that would be big enough, but: Thanks for everything!
    I hope i did not make to many mistakes....

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    That is a fantastic bull. Very impressive. It is not only that magical 100 pounder, but it is beautiful ivory as well. I am green with envy.

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    Sweet! Congrats to the hunter and the PH for putting his client on such a great animal.

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    Wow that is great!

    Congratulations to the client as well as to everyone involved.
    Louis Van Bergen
    Spiral Horn Safaris - South Africa
    Cell:+ 27 76 577 6292

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    Congratulations! An accomplishment that is nothing short of fantastic.
    There is only one degree of dead . . . there are many degrees of wounded

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    Magnificent! Feel free to share more pictures... thanks.

    Thanks for the translation Nicovl0604.

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    Hunted Africa...are there other continents to hunt?


    Just think if that thing had a few more years to grow......totally kidding! What an amazing animal.

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    Wow! Thanks for sharing.


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    This will be the second 100 pounder this year. So to conclude: Hunting with conservation in mind improves trophy quality.
    What a perfect addition to a trophy room. Congrats!

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    Congratulations on hunting this magnificent animal!

    Best regards,
    Hartzview Hunting Safaris - South Africa
    Jacques Spamer -
    Website -
    Skype - jacques.spamer[/B][/I]

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    Congratulations Jumbo and to your Client.

    All the best for next season.
    Gavin Lipjes
    XOSHA BUSHVELD HOUNDS - Southern Africa

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    Congrats to everyone involved in the hunt, and thanks for the translation!


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