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Gemsbuck/Bushbuck Encounters

This is a discussion on Gemsbuck/Bushbuck Encounters within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Hi Have any of you had any encounters with a gemsbuck or bushbuck? Dox...

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    Default Gemsbuck/Bushbuck Encounters


    Have any of you had any encounters with a gemsbuck or bushbuck?


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    My neighbour Renier Swart shot a bushbuck on his farm a few years ago .
    The bushbuck was a huge one and after shooting it in the body they went closer.
    The animal was still alive but he didnt want to shoot it in the head (wanted to make a trophy)

    Knowing that the animal is dangerous he wanted to wait , he saw that the animal was suffering and wanted to put it out.

    As he was leaning over to push his knife in the back of the bushbucks head the animal thrusted the one horn in his upper leg. He was rushed to the hospital and was fed brandy on the way

    I thought its a cool story and bought the bushbuck trophy from him .
    I think its over 18 "

    My dad learnt me that always check if the animal is alive by touching the animals eye with a stick
    Willem Faul
    Koedoeberg - South Africa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koedoeberg View Post
    My dad learnt me that always check if the animal is alive by touching the animals eye with a stick
    A bit off topic but that was very sound advice from your dad. I know of no better way to test for a sign of life in a downed animal.
    There is only one degree of dead . . . there are many degrees of wounded

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    My dad told me a story that his friend in the Eastern Cape went hunting on horseback.
    He shot a bushbuck ram that was also still alive , he must have thought he could stand on the one horn and slit its throat or something ...

    The ram sliced open his stomach about 25 cm wide. Miraculously not one intestine was damaged, he managed to get on the horse holding his intestines with his other hand so the wouldn't fall out..

    He made it to a doctor and was stitched up about 1 hr later after the whole ordeal.

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    touching the eye with the gun barrell may be more of an insurance policy, just in case the animal moves

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    Talk about dangerous animals and close shaves
    This happened this year. I was culling Redhartbees with my 223Rem and shot at a cow that was facing away. I aimed behind the ear and at the shot she looked back but still dropped. As I stood over the animal I notice it was hit in the eye. My jackrussell ran up and bit it in the side and in a blink of an eye it got up and its horns caught my shirt ripping of all my buttons. It ran off with my jackrussell still attached! Dam close shave indeed. An inch closer and I am sure I would have been in a world of trouble.
    Koedoeberg your dad gave you fine advice and something I strictly adhere to now!

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