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Where would my money go in Zimbabwe?

This is a discussion on Where would my money go in Zimbabwe? within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Zimbabwe is a very attractive destination for me to hunt and visit. The history (from Great Zimbabwe through Rhodesia and ...

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    Default Where would my money go in Zimbabwe?

    Zimbabwe is a very attractive destination for me to hunt and visit. The history (from Great Zimbabwe through Rhodesia and beyond) people, animals, and landscape are all very interesting to me. Hunting prices and practices seem good.

    Other threads have done a good job covering the safety issue. What I am concerned with is where the money I spend on a hunt would go. I am very interested in helping the struggling economy, hunt operators, workers, the rest of the local populace, and in helping wildlife conservation and land preservation. I am not interested in dumping cash into the pockets of Mugabe or corrupt officials.

    Anyone have any thoughts or facts on this issue?

    While you're at it, feel free to recommend hunt operators there!
    Thanks all!

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    Unfortunetly I have a hard time believing that at least some of what is spent in Zimbabwe does not end up in Mugabe's pocket. This is the reason I have not hunted there although I would love to. I have listened to both sides of the argument and I understand that at least part of your fees will help the locals and the outfitters and in turn the wildlife. I don't have a problem with people who choose to hunt there, but for myself, I cannot.

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    Default zimbabwe

    Another perspective is that the wildlife in the country is still surviving because the government, whoever it is, recognizes that it has value. I think Ruark expressed the concept that if you take value from something then it ceases to exist. Think of the issues with Kenya and its wildlife management failings.

    Of course, it would be hard to pay someone who took the land of another but i dont think any of the stolen white farms are actually being used as an ongoing hunting operation. From what I have seen they are just going to waste.

    As for operators, look at BABWE SAFARIS I just got back from a hunt with them and it was a wonderful experience. It is a different type of hunt but one that allows you to hunt a truly wild part of Africa.

    Hope this insight helps,

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    I hunted in Zimbabwe last year. I am hunting there this year. I will book there again next year. The operators are no different than businessman in the states. They try to keep as much money as possible and give as little to the government. As far as some money ending up with Mugabe think of some of the places your tax dollars go.

    The operators and wildlife need us. We are the only thing that stands between flourishing species and extermination by the locals.

    As far as operators Martin Pieters is very good and has a 2 million acre concession. Buzz Charlton, Mokore (Barry Duckworth), Zambezi Hunters, and several others are top notch operators. While others do, I would not book a hunt in Zim unless it is with a Zim resident. Be very careful of PAC hunts and hunts in national parks. Not all hunts are legal. If you have any doubts contact these guys.

    Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association - " ETHICS ARE EVRYTHING "

    Martin also post on here.

    Martin Pieters Safaris :: Omay Zimbabwe Safaris

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    Honestly if you think about it all the coutries in the world have something negative about them and we are all funding them in some kind of way , so where do you draw the line ? The same cash we had in our hands has been passed from good deeds to bad deeds ... Where ever you are there is bad but you got to live right ?

    I recon if you have the cash just go and see as many places as you can , you only have one life and you got see it all before its all destroyed and animals are all poached out.

    There is a difference in going to Zim to see how it looks and ask the locals how mugabe killed his own people and going there to support there goverment or pay him direct funds...


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    I can assure you that in most cases, Outfitters make every effort to ensure that funds go into the right pockets instead of into state coffers etc,

    Zimbabwe is a great country and it is a tribute to its people that it seems to be slowly turning around.

    If you are interested, I can let you have a list of Operators who are heavily involved in not only Conservation, but community based projects as well and who all have extremely good names in the Business both locally and with many International Clients.

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