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Calling Plains Game

This is a discussion on Calling Plains Game within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Hi Is there any of the plains game that can be called in? here in ontario when hunting moose, if ...

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    Default Calling Plains Game

    Is there any of the plains game that can be called in? here in ontario when hunting moose, if during the rut, they can be called in to rifle range by mimicking other moose. I have been able to call in moose for myself as well as some of my buddies. it just takes some practice.

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    This is an interesting question I also have thought about. I don't think it can be done or it maybe very difficult. The reason is that species in forests are more vocal than species in open areas, where vision is more important for communication. African plains game typically use sound for warning others when danger is spotted or sensed, some species like springbok and wildebeest grunt when in a group (a bit like contentment or when they feel safe), zebra are more vocal and use sound to call each other when the group is split up or when stallions warn (or fight) each other. Territorial males of some species like wildebeest and impala use sound to warn other males. But other than these, sound is not really used much by plains game. E.g. kudu, gemsbok warthog and others are generally very quiet. However it would be interesting to try it on some species.

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    Yes, its an interesting one Merlin. Its definately not as big here in South Africa as it is in the USA. As Werner said , our animals dont really make a lot of sound other than the alarm sounds, which is usually the last time you see them. If it could work on anything , I think it might be an Impala. Impala is the only one I can think of just off the top of my head that makes a sound during the rut. Sounds like a very loud grunt. It would be interesting to see if they would act if one had to try and call them in. I think I will give it a try and post back on the results. Will have to wait a year though, since the rut for this year has just passed.But, very nice question, would love to year if someone else has tried on any of our other game.
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