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Input requested on rifle battery

This is a discussion on Input requested on rifle battery within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Last time I went to Africa I carried a .416 Rigby topped with a 1X6 Leupold, loaded with 400 gr ...

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    Question Input requested on rifle battery

    Last time I went to Africa I carried a .416 Rigby topped with a 1X6 Leupold, loaded with 400 gr rhino bullets & my trusty .338 WM loaded with 250 Nosler particians & topped with a 3X9 Burris.

    This time my wife will be hunting and her Winchester Model 70 in .270 will be going so I will probably only take one gun.

    Animals on my list this time are blue & black wildebeest, nyalla, cape eland, another kudu, & warthog.

    My guide says take the .338WM & save my shoulder. It's lighter and I KNOW that it will do it's job but the Rigby is a more "traditonal" African gun that does not get used here in the states. The Burris is also illuminated with a red dot.

    I have A LOT of faith in the old .338. It's wacked a lot of U.S. elk and deer as well as most of what I shot in Africa, moose & caribou.

    If it were you, what's your advice?
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    Hi Karamojo Bill. . . Like you, I'm a fan of both calibers and have used each of them to knock down a variety of game animals over the years. Since you already realize they're both suited for the game you'll be after on your upcoming trip you should take the rifle you're the most comfortable with. If the choice were mine I'd probably take the .338WM.

    Have a great hunt.
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    Hi , I would take the 416 and use 300gr bullets.Your right about taking a traditional african rifle,thats what you bought it for ,so it should be there .You will not regret it.Go with your gut and KIS. Happy hunting

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    A .416 is "traditional," but not for your intended game list. That .338 WM is, to my mind, just about ideal for the game you have listed and will be a joy to both carry and shoot. And a heck of a lot of Americans have carried that round all over Africa since its creation - so maybe it does carry a bit of traditional cache for those of us from North America.

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    Once you get used to shooting the big bores, recoil is not usually a factor. Both rifles are great calibers, no question about that. But there is just something truly "Africa" about the Rigby. Call it homage to Ruark or just a guy who likes to use more than enough gun, but if I were to take a 2 gun battery from the choices you gave, it would be the 270 (a great gun that can do the job on everyting on your list if each shot was very well placed) and he 416. That assumes you do not have a 375 H&H Mag. I have become such a big fan of that caliber it is becoming a reguar part of my battery no matter what and where I am headed. Take the Rigy, a god cigar and soak in as much of "Africa" as you can.

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    Your huntlist can be well taken by the 250 grain nosler partition thru your .338 WM , its a fantastic caliber , except the eland which may need the .416 treatment. With my .338 I did take quite many of piggy boys , but majorly with the silvertips ,as this is the only cartridge imported more in my country .

    The . 270 winchester too is a grand slam caliber, you can bring down the warthy with its lead & with a perfect placed shot you can take on anything , I believe the velocity factor does have a upper hand at long range hunting. Your armoury is fabolous for your upcoming safari listed game .

    The .375 H&H Magnum is the most astounding calibers of all, with it on your shoulder you can never be undergunned , my perspective & experience with it , emits so. Do try it out .

    Happy Hunting and may you bag prime trophy heads.


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