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Rifle and load options for mixed bag safari in C.A.R.

This is a discussion on Rifle and load options for mixed bag safari in C.A.R. within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; My next hunt in Africa will be in C.A.R. I've been putting some thought into which rifle to take as ...

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    Default Rifle and load options for mixed bag safari in C.A.R.

    My next hunt in Africa will be in C.A.R. I've been putting some thought into which rifle to take as I have no desire to add to my standard two gun safari battery.

    I generally carry my .300 Weatherby Mag loaded with 180gr Woodleigh PP @ 2950fps and my .450 Ackley Mag with 500gr Woodleigh solids or softs @ 2380fps.

    While on safari I will be chasing Lord Derby's Eland, Bongo, Giant Forest Hog, Forest Buffalo and some of the antelope endemic to the area.

    I can take the existing two gun set up as-is or perhaps just take the Ackley. If I go with the .458 there are a couple of options: maybe loaded a 300, 350 or 400 grain bullet for everything, or take two loads. Unfortunately my super accurate 300gr and thumping 500gr loads group ten inches apart so you can't just slip in "the other one." Maybe sight the 300gr load with scope and the 500gr with open sights? The 1.5-5x is held in place in Warne QD mounts so this may be an option.

    Surely a "one-load-fits-all" option has to be the smartest way to go? But which load? Any thoughts on best option, other ideas or other hunters' experiences would be great.

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    If I only taking one rifle with me, it'd be a .375 H&H.
    Brandon Gleason

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    Hi Schembridan,

    The ultimate rifle to carry for your expedition is a .375 H&H Mag. "THE EMPEROR" of all calibers , just carry the correct loads 250, 270 and a 300 Silver tip ,these grains would be ultimate and more than ample for all the game you have short listed to bag, and yes the placement is your domain ..................

    Happy Hunting and may you procure very fine trophys.


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    Of the two guys you mentioned, I would opt for the .450 as a one-gun battery. If you're going to be hunting the thick bush for bongo, buffalo, etc. you can use the heavier load with less chance for deflection.

    However, if it isn't much hassel I would take both guns. In case you have an issue with either during your trip you'll have a back up you are familiar with.
    Isihlahla saziwa ngezithelo zaso.

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    Thumbs up Hello


    My advice would be , since you are going to C.A.R , you should contact this PH ! He has been all over Africa and has probably shot every common and exotic animal in Africa.

    Christophe Morio
    Benin, CAR & Tanzania
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    I'm booked to CAR for Feb 2011. I'll be taking my 375 H&H, 460 S&W w/scope, and a shotgun. Plan to hunt all the duikers, buffalo, roan, and other stuff that may present. I really hope to get within handgun range on the buffalo and roan.

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