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Guys, I'm glad this topic was posted. I have a question regarding "Traditions" as well. A buddy of mine just got back from his hunt in RSA. He had a great time on a Leopard hunt and was successful. However, he is African American and told me that for the first half of his trip, the PH, and African staff, seemed very uncomfortable with him. Finally, towards the end of the hunt, things seemed to let up. But some of the other PH's would'nt hardly speak to him. He even started tipping early to break the ice. He told me that he was the first black to hunt safari with this group. I have a hunt scheduled for this year in RSA. We met the PH in person here in America and he seemed ok. But I'm a little nervous about how my family will be treated in RSA. This is an upmarket safari and I'm pretty sure we will be the first black clients. I know that all people are different but generally, what should I expect?
Rcole1310 Welcome to AH! Put your fears to rest you and your family are about to have the time of your life be sure to post a hunting report with lots if pictures we love lots of pictures upon your return. Where in South Africa are you and your family going and with whom will you be hunting with? looking forward to your report.