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What is your definition of a quality hunt?

This is a discussion on What is your definition of a quality hunt? within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Anthony Dyer said…(African Outfitter: August / September 2009, p11) ”For many people a hunting safari is the fulfilment of a ...

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    Default What is your definition of a quality hunt?

    Anthony Dyer said…(African Outfitter: August / September 2009, p11) ”For many people a hunting safari is the fulfilment of a often dreamt dream. So, was the hunt up to the dream?"

    What is your definition of a quality hunt? (Pro / client)
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    My idea of a quality hunt is seeing game, being with a good guide - not only on their hunting abilities but also for the opportunity to learn about the wildlife & fauna of a different area than what you frequent! Being in Africa I guess one would have to almost include success! Where as like in an African Plains game hunt one can shoot & pursue many animals, where as in the U.S. you may only have a tag for one Specie!
    Having hunted in South Africa twice it wasn't quite like the American Sportsman show in the 60's & 70's. That would be more like Tanzania but I still would say it was more than a quality hunt & it still was more than I ever imagined I would do in my lifetime! Having the opportinity to see those amazing trackers get you in for shots at game & watching them track animals was something I never imagined was possible! Seeing a whole different culture and what the rest of the world is like is something I would never trade!

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    For me it's all about the wildlife.

    I like brochures that spell out what you have for species to hunt...what animals are in short supply and which ones you have a ton of to hunt....and language that says if you really are looking for a bushpig or something...this is what it's gonna cost and where we will have to go to get it. Let's face it some outfitters have better ranches to hunt than others.

    This is one of things, that rookies to Africa don't understand...for example: Some areas have better nyala than others, bushpigs, small cats, vaal rhebuck, duikers are variables. You really need to explain to the client what to expect.

    The food, drinks and accommodations to me are secondary. As long as I have clean water to drink I'm happy....I've had plenty of bad water. I don't need a fancy bed...just a soft mattress. And warm water to clean off the sweat from the end of the day. And I think if you asked what people wanted to drink and eat you could adjust your costs assuredly. I think way too much food is served and wasted at times...probably because of picky clients...that have life pretty good.

    There are plenty of fancy lodges in Africa. Let the people make their choice. I could do without that added expense.

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    Bushwack: This is a great question. I can't wait to see how everyone responds. I'll bet we all learn a lot. Here's what makes a great hunt for me (any hunt, not just Africa):

    Safety - No one can have fun if someone gets hurt. Firearms safety, driving safety, etc should be observed.

    Having Fun - Hunting is supposed to be enjoyable. Sour attitudes (from the PH or the Hunter) or negative outlooks are poison on a hunt. Hunting should be approached with a positive attitude. A day that produces no game can still be fun with a good attitude.

    Learning new stuff - Especially important on a hunt in a new place. A PH or outfitter that is willing to share information about animals, land, culture, etc. really adds a lot to the experience.

    Good company - This goes with having fun. It's always more fun to share a hunting experience with someone. Good company can be the PH, a hunting partner or other hunters in camp. It's even better if it's all of the above.

    A reasonable chance to take representative animals - It is "hunting" afterall and there should be no guarantees, but it is not a lot of fun to hunt where the game is extremely scarce.

    Some time to unwind - This also goes along with "good company" and "having fun". For most of us, hunting time is vacation time. Whether it's evenings by the fire or an afternoon nap, some downtime is good.

    Good food - Note I didn't say "fancy" food. Regular old stick-to-your-ribs meals taste pretty wonderful after a day in the field.

    (Specific to Africa) A PH that is really trying to get you a good animal - again, there are no guarantees, but if the PH is really working at it, you get the best chance of taking a trophy. All a hunter can really ask is for genuine effort. For me, that makes a difference.

    These are the things that make a great hunt for me.

    - browningbbr

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    I have been hunting since I was six years old I am struggling to remember if I have had a bad hunt. I guess my idea of a quality hunt has been to be there on the hunt.

    Africa was unreal, the wildlife, food, tented camp, hunting vehicles, PH all perfect. But I enjoyed spending almost two solid weeks with my wife and finding a new friend in our PH.

    Alaska was great, drop off trip, no guide two man tent, bath in a glacial stream. I would not have changed a thing. Not seeing but one other human being for 8 days made that trip.

    Duck hunting in Louisiana I was looking for somebody elses cripple with my chocolate lab. We walked about a 1/4 mile chasing the bird before she finally caught it and brought it to me. On the way back she ran in some thick marsh and after calling her several times she would not return. I started back to the boat and after about 10 minutes she came running behind me with another bird in her mouth. I finally made it to the boat and told my buddy we found two ducks, he said "I crippled two but never thought she could find one of them". Choco is now retired but I will always remember days like that.

    There is always that one moment the defines the hunt that I will always remember.

    Hopefully this jibberish will make sense.

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    just being out there... nature - the beauty, the unknown and unexpected, the heightened senses, freedom, peace, tranquility, solitude, great company, sounds of nature, stories, the one that got away. There are so many factors and so much about being out in the wilderness, be it alone, with your partner, a guide and among friends - hunting is just great
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    'Shallom' took the wind from my sails and quite eloquently put my thoughts on the matter of a quality and/or successful hunt into words. I certainly couldn't put it any better than that.
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