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Black or Blue Wildebeest

This is a discussion on Black or Blue Wildebeest within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; 9 months and counting for my first SA safari. I am trying to decide which type of Wildebeest to hunt. ...

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    Default Black or Blue Wildebeest

    9 months and counting for my first SA safari. I am trying to decide which type of Wildebeest to hunt. For some reason, one which I have not figured out why, I think the black wildebeest is what I will go with. It is just one homely sad looking critter with a face only a mother could love. I would like to shoot one of each, but alas my wallet is not big enough to do both. Do both the blue and the black inhabit the same types of terrain/areas? Are they both fairly common in South Africa? Is one more of a challenge than the other? Does one make a better looking mount than the other? The price is the same for both. Any comments or opinions would be appreciated.

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    Depends on the property.

    Blue Wildebeest are more prolific and on more ranches/farms/concessions.

    Black Wildebeest are NUTS. Hands down Crazy. Every last property I have encountered them on they behave the same; NUTS!
    Run for no reason, screaming off and tearing around in circles.

    Harder to judge trophy wise to.

    I have hunted both. The Black Wildebeest evaded me.
    I have taken a Blue or two.

    Everyone knows the Blue, the Black is more exotic for sure.

    They are on my list, even if they are NUTS. Have fun and good luck with the White-tailed Gnu!
    Practice whispering before you leave for Africa!
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    I have to agree 100 percent with Brickburn. I would hunt the black over blue wildebeest. They are wired crazy! I have shot excellent examples of each. They are fun to hunt!

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    Go with the Black and do not look back.

    My wife like my black wildebeest mount the best of the few African mounts i have.

    I have hunted both and to get a big Black is difficult however not impossible.

    In fact i will be going after another one in 2014.
    James Grage - New Mexico
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    I think both types are nuts! I have seen blues behave just as goofy as black. Blue's are bigger animals too if that's any consideration for you. The blacks have the unique horns. In RSA blacks seem to inhabit more open areas and blues are found anywhere. I passed on hunting blacks on another ranch so as to keep kudu hunting where I was. I didn't regret it. Save your money and hunt them both!

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    An overlooked trophy is the blue wildebeest hide made into a rug. In some ways more beautiful than zebra and it screams Africa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Leg View Post
    An overlooked trophy is the blue wildebeest hide made into a rug. In some ways more beautiful than zebra and it screams Africa.

    What about taking the cross breed of a Blue and Black Wildebeest?

    Jerome Philippe
    Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris Namibia

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    In my opinion neither of the two wildebeest have a face that a mother could love, unless that mother has skin problems, wears a pointed hat and uses a broom for transportation. But I have to agree with Red Leg, a backskin off a Blue makes a great trophy.

    But the Blues can be had just about anywhere it seems. So if you're going to an area where the Black Wildebeest would normally call home, I'd go that direction, you just never know where you'll hunt next. Their horns to me are just a bit more impressive than the Blue's and somewhat more unique.

    I'm not sure what you're budgeting for, but if possible I'd recommend going with Euro / skull mounts only and see if you can thus take both.
    U.S. Contact for HartzView Safaris

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    If you only can afford one of them, I would get the Black Wildebeest for sure.
    I have the skull of one hanging on the wall above my computer as I write and I hope to get one more on another hunt in Africa.
    Hopefully when stalking with a bow and then I will get it shoulder mounted.

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    I agree that both are totally nuts..... they really are doolally tat but my advice would be to wait and see what chances you get and only decide which to take when you've got boots on the ground.

    From a trophy measurer's point of view, the blue is a much better choice because the black is a bugger to measure properly! LOL!
    Retired from the Professional Hunting field in Africa and now taken the gap from South Africa and emigrated to peaceful Portugal

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    Black! For the reasons stated above about their character, snort/wheezing sound they make is definitely unique, the tuft of hair on their snout is awesome when you get your mount back!

    Also the black Wilde is a success story of the safari industry and hunter conservation.

    Also-as most here will attest if you really are drawn between the 2...shoot both. The return trip you'll begin to try and justify in 18 months will be more than the trophy fee now

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    I would also have to agree with the Black WB. I have taken both, but the blue is more common and can easily be found in many areas. The black is a little more rare, but not that much in these days of game farming I suppose. If you are hunting in SA, especially around Free State or neighboring areas, I would definitely go for a black, as that was their natural range if I am not wrong. The black is a little more goofy than the blue from what I saw.

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    I'm hoping to head back this june or july.
    I had been planning for both, along with a long list.
    My wife and I want to go to Victoria Falls, though, and time and money for my animal list will change if we do.
    So, given the choice, it is very easy for me. I love the mount of the black wilderbeest at my local taxidermist.
    I vote for Black.

    Maybe down the road I'd get to go back and take a blue.

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    You need to take both.... If you cannot afford it this trip, it's a great excuse to go back...

    The only charactristic that I think was not mentioned is that the blue is a much larger animal than the black....Both look impressive as a shoulder or Euro mount, but the blue makes a beautiful flatskin. The black, not so much...

    There is also a golden wildebeest being bred in SA by a few ranches. They are basically a genetic color variation of the blue. They have a beautiful golden hide with prominent black barring on the shoulder. It's an awesome looking animal, but I believe that they are fairly expensive. Best of luck...!

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    As it should be, to each his own, but I prefer the Blue 'poor man's buffalo' more. It's toughness and tenacity have always impressed me, and you have to be spot on with your shot or it'll keep you busy for a while. The Black, which I'm not particularly fond of, is not 'well' and is definitely affected by the moon...much like my mother-in-law.

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    I love the way the Blue Wildebeest looks (personally). Anyone who sees the mount will know automatically. Just my opinion, nothing more and nothing less than my opinion, I have really no desire to shoot any of the backward horned animals in Africa.
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    If you have to choose, Black.

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    I have 2 Blues. One is a SCI book animal which will be a shoulder mount. The other will be a euro mount and flatskin. Just waiting on the tanneryand such.
    If I get a chance to go back I want a Black. I just like the looks of them and I already have an excellent pair of blues.

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    I am surprised at all the votes for black. They are my favorite as well although a nice full flatskin from a blue is beautiful.
    they certainly occupy drastically different habitat. Blues anywhere from dense forest to more open areas but still relating to the trees, blacks prefer the wide open spaces.
    The journey is the reward.

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    Default Black or Blue Wildebeest

    Pick both. The additional trophy fee is far less than the cost of another trip.

    However, once you're bit by the Africa bug, you WILL be going back, so if you only shoot one on this trip, the other will give you another excuse to go back.

    They both make great trophies...
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