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Morality in the Modern African Safari

This is a discussion on Morality in the Modern African Safari within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Hello all, Ive been curious about something recently and it was a curiosity sprung by a good friend of mine. ...

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    Default Morality in the Modern African Safari

    Hello all, Ive been curious about something recently and it was a curiosity sprung by a good friend of mine. This friend once guided big game hunts but decided his heart couldnt take it anymore, too many clients had too little respect for his colorado elk. They would take inappropriate shots and leave wounded game without even a thought. Not a step on the tracks of the poor beasts. So he decided to hang up the big game business, he didnt like seeing animals suffer so needlessly.

    I sympathize, when hunting for myself I am mortified if I wound an animal and will walk the beast down until I retrieve it or put it out of its misery.

    I do, however, have ambitions for one day becoming a professional hunters despite the odds against a foreigner. And I am young and perhaps audacious beyond my ability but I must know for myself, what are the general formalities (or followed informalities) around contemporary african hunting? Are animals often wounded? Are those animals often retrieved? Does the story of my friend resonate with any professional hunters on this forum? (im mostly curious about the ethics of incoming clients)

    I have met two PHs from zimbabwe and believe their ethics and constitution absolutely admirable. And I trust them to make known their respect of the animals with their clients. Are they exceptions? I have seen encouraging evidence to the contrary on this site, but wanted to ask directly, as this is an important consideration for me.

    We do not hunt to have killed, we kill to have hunted.

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    Animals do get wounded,but from my experience most are recovered,I would say 90 %.Most PH's and clients will put in a super effort to retrieve the wounded animal,ethics in this regard are quite high.A good PH will not let his client take shots where the possibility of wounding an animal is high.
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    Congratulations on both your concern & your ambition.

    I'm retired from the safari industry now but can understand why your friend came to feel that way.

    There's no doubt the safari industry has changed over the years & mostly (IMO) not for the better but ethics are a personal thing & fortunately, most PHs & safari companies stick to a good standard of behaviour.

    The answer is to establish your own standards & don't waiver from them & then when you are a PH, only deal with those of similar standards.

    I wish you all the luck in the world with your ambitions.

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