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Payment of a deposit

This is a discussion on Payment of a deposit within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; How do you assure that the deposit paid for hunting not "disappear"? I'm a little uncomfortable with pay ex usd ...

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    Default Payment of a deposit

    How do you assure that the deposit paid for hunting not "disappear"?
    I'm a little uncomfortable with pay ex usd 5000 - in advance to a guy I not know. He could go bankrupt or just disappear ...... How do you do it?

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    There are risks in any course of action, but I chose to use a home-country (US) based booking agent. He had to forward 50% of daily fees to the outfitter, but held the other 50% and, at my choice, trophy fees as well, until I sent him an e-mail at the conclusion of the hunt. I felt as safe as was reasonable to feel and was pleased with the outcome.

    Key to success is to contact references and do searches for the booking agent and outfitter on this forum and others to see what experiences others may have had, then cross your fingers and take the plunge.

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    I have never paid a deposit, I only hunt with people I know, and who trust me

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    Hi Norwegian Hunter,

    Welcome to the forums, I think you will find a lot of valuable information during your stay. The best way to make sure your money is safe is to use reputable well known agents. Over the years I have dealt with a lot of folks who have used Google skills to find their outfitter or agent, some have been just fine others have not. Working with a good agent is one way keep your money safe. If the outfitter does not do what he says the agent is on your side and will help resolve the problem.
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