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My personal essential Safari Kit list

This is a discussion on My personal essential Safari Kit list within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Here is a list of my essential equipment for Safari; xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx My Essential Safari Equipment list; 3x light high quality ...

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    Default My personal essential Safari Kit list

    Here is a list of my essential equipment for Safari;

    My Essential Safari Equipment list;

    3x light high quality wool socks (Kathmandu or Mountain Equipment brand Aus & NZ made. Minimise blisters very important!).
    3x cotton short. (King Gee brown colour type).
    3x cotton collared shirts,(King Gee brand type in green).
    2x cotton trousers for travel, camp and hunt, (Aus made RM Williams brand ideal).
    4x woollen boxers. (Kathmandu brand type. minimise chaffing, important!).
    Quality leather shoes with soft rubber sole to minimise noise.(Courteney, Rossi or simmilar brand).
    2x cotton sock savers/putties.
    Sun glasses.
    Sun Cap and or Akubra/ Tilly type wide brim hat.
    Heavy rain resistant sound proof coat for cold mornings and travel.
    Pocket type camera with belt pouch.
    Ammo pouch & Belt (holding around 10 rounds with additional rounds in Trackers bag).
    Binoculars in 8x30, 10x30 or 10x40 power with good harness such as "Crooked Horn" brand.
    Rifle in mind velocity calibre such as 9.3x62, 375H&H, 416REM, 404J, 450 or similar with sling and detachable scope.
    Rifle scope in low to mid power such as 4x36, 1.1-4 1.5-6 or similar.
    Three peice cleaning rod with Jag , Brush, Barrel pull trough type cleaner & rifle oil "Ballistol".
    Lockable case for rifle and one for ammunition.
    40 rounds of ammunition. 15 Solid type, 15 "soft" soft nose like "Woodleigh RN" and 10 "hard" soft nose like "Swift A Frames".
    Rechargeable torch such as "InovaT4" or "LEDLIGHT".
    Soft compact gun slip for Vehicle travel.
    Blister repair kit; COMPEED medium blister plasters (in green plastic case, made in Danmark).
    Malaria Meds. "Malarone" OR if in high Tick area "Doxicyclone" Antibiotic.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    I would add a Leatherman for pulling thorns out of you boot sole, and a one piece cleaning rod instead on the three piece. Rod goes in the rifle case. Otherwise just about what I carry.
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    +1 on the Leatherman and I need sunscreen and bring the tube type. If my face/lips are in the sun too long, I get fever blisters. If long range shots are the norm, I bring a small rangefinder too.

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    I keep a small high powered headlight in the backpack. Allows hands free to carry the rest of your gear if you're back to camp after dark. Also comes in handy making an after dark trek to the skinning shed or walking back to the tent from supper.
    Get in shape before you go, my PH walked my ass off!

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    +1 leatherman definitely [a pocket- and fixed blade on your person at all times!]
    just a thought,a small, shirt pocket size, digital camera will sometimes bring more fond memories home than a bigger professional one!
    and you will not believe how handy that small torch will come in.
    [the small one's that you put on your head will give you a 'hands free' option if necessary]
    i would have add a small,cheap bic lighter in my pocket as well[but that's just me for if...] lol
    Willem Pretorius--Kingdom of Bahrain

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    Sunscreen is a must for me. I learned that lesson the hard way on my first trip to Namibia.
    The most terrifying sound in nature is not the roar of a charging lion, nor the whistle of a descending bomb; rather it is a click when you expect a bang.
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    Tagging along. Great info!

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    All great ideas. One thing I would always add for myself is toilet paper. A second thing I took last time is a small camelback, 2 quarts. It also has room for TP, lighter, small light, multipurpose tool, etc. My problem is I always took it on short stalks and left it in the bakkie on what turned into long stalks. If I could only figure out which was which.
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    Last year in the Omay consession of Zimbabwe we encountered a group of 3 Kudu bulls shortly after the apprentice PH dropped us off and departed for the other side of the area where we would look for elephant. I was fortunate enough to take one of the Kudus, but due to the topography, we could not raise the apprentice PH on the radio until he had reached the pre-arranged meeting point on the other side. It was well past 10:30 pm before he got back to the point where we had packed out the Kudu. It was relatively early in the year, but sweat-soaked clothes get cold quick when the sun goes down. The lead tracker made the last trip back for the rib cage and neck, and after we had gathered wood for a fire, we hoped he had some matches because no one else in the party did. Fortunately for us (and unfortunately for him) he smoked and did have a box of matches. We started a fire and huddled around it until the apprentice returned with the vehicle. I decided that night that I would never again get stuck away from the vehicle without a reliable means of starting a fire.
    Shakey Katy, TX

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