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This is a discussion on Articles in Hunting Magazines within the Hunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Hi fellow AH friends! This may come as an odd topic but very interesting to find out... We all read ...

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    Default Articles in Hunting Magazines

    Hi fellow AH friends!

    This may come as an odd topic but very interesting to find out...

    We all read hunting magazines all the time. Some articles just catch your attention and some you just scan through when you pick up a hunting magazine. What articles do you like in a hunting magazine? Maybe a tale of a hunt somewhere? Maybe some insight on equipment you used while hunting? Maybe a story of your 60' Kudu bull you hunted last year?

    And what topic would you find most intresting to read? Maybe a new idea for someone to write about?

    Looking foward to the replies!

    Happy Hunting!
    Jacques Strauss
    Jacques Strauss
    Kowas Hunting Safaris -

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    nothing makes me more mad when i read about a good hunt and they dont mention what gun ,bullet was used and the distance etc...
    these days so many mags give us half info and thats irritating , this is a good thread hope some of this info gets out and into the mags !! thanks

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    What i like to see:
    1. Topic of interest - with a good title with Photo to catch your attention.
    2. Well though out story line with supporting data/information. What i find troubling is a writer using the same hunt in many different magazines. all different story lines with different pictures. (but you know it is the same animal from the pictures) I know it is here business it is just that i do not have to subscribe to the magazines. One story should cover the entire hunt, if you have to read 3 or 4 publications to get the story stay home. While a different story can be for each animal while on safari as each is a different hunt.
    3. Method on how the animal was taken along with rifle and make and bullet used. I like reading what rifle was used and the optics that are on the rifle. What distance the animals was taken and why was the shot taken a say 500 yards and not 150 yards. I have read the story's where some want to get as close as possible and others want to shoot from 300 yards or more. The question is why to both.
    4. Area Map and pictures are important. Country, area in the country and outfitter and PH with supporting information, along with how you got into the bush. A quality Photo of the animal is always a great add on with a throw in of the animal in the field prior to taking the shot.
    5. I find if the story has not caught my attention with the 1st paragraph i will move on. some times i will return to read the story and sometimes not.
    6 I think what you are looking for is a title that will want to make a reader go to your story 1st and read it. That is what you are looking for. It is just how are you going to get there. It comes down to title and supporting picture.

    My 2 cents...
    James Grage - New Mexico
    Hold a steady Eye & Rifle...
    "Very few of the so-called liberals are open-minded...they shout you down and won't let you speak if you disagree with them." John Wayne

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    Thanks for the replies! Some of the things you mentioned are very important, even though I didn't see it as important, now I do too...

    Great stuff!
    Jacques Strauss
    Kowas Hunting Safaris -

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    Hunts of yester-year..... big trophies & close calls.... & dont forget the odd chuckle
    Edward Els
    South Africa

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    I think to many stories are about big trophies and to few are about smaller trophies and non trophy animals.
    I know big rack stories and pictures sell, but they get old to read after some time in my opinion.
    They also have the tendency to be very similar to each other.

    I like that choices of gear and specially the gun, cartridge, bullet, scope and reasons for those choices are implemented in the story.
    I also like stories where more is told about the hole hunt. Not just spotted the trophy, stalked for 300 meters, up with the sticks, boom, high five and trophy shots.

    I also think that stories of hunts for some animals are overabundant and others are written to little about.

    I also like that stories include the behavior of the target animal and strategies how to be successful hunting them.
    Also including things the hunter have done that have resulted in a spooked animal instead of a dead one.

    A hunting story that can teach other hunters something are by far the best in my opinion.

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    I just love the stories about macho idiots who won't listen to good DG advice from the ol' boys..and then get into groot kak..!

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    I like a well written story where the protagonist and antagonist are set up. The story unfolds .... man versus wiley trophy. The outcome unsure.Then the outcome which always turns on a dime. A must is the where when and how much so we all can share a similar thrill!

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