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Bear Remover

This is a discussion on Bear Remover within the Humorous Jokes, Stories or Pictures forums, part of the GENERAL category; BEAR REMOVER A man wakes up one morning in Alaska to find a bear on his roof. So he looks ...

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    Default Bear Remover


    A man wakes up one morning in Alaska to find a bear on his roof. So he looks in the yellow pages and sure enough, there's an ad for 'Bear Removers.'

    He calls the number, and the bear remover says he'll be over in 30 minutes.

    The bear remover arrives, and gets out of his van. He's gets a ladder, baseball bat, shotgun and a mean old pit bull from the back of the van.

    What are you going to do? the homeowner asks.

    I'm going to put this ladder up against the roof. Then I'm going to go up there and knock the bear off the roof with this baseball bat.

    When the bear falls off, the pit bull is trained to grab the bear by the testicles and drag him into the cage in the back of the van.

    He hands the shotgun to the homeowner.

    What's the shotgun for? asks the homeowner.

    If the bear knocks me off the roof, shoot the dog.
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    still laughing stopped long enough to say good one.
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    Too funny. Good one.
    When I am not hunting, I am thinking about hunting....I think I'll go hunting.

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