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Looks like I'm rich!!

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    Default Looks like I'm rich!!

    Looks like my ship has come in with a pot full of gold. Africa really put her hooks into me when I went. It seems I'm not the only one in my family. It seems I had a rich relative to me and the good gent left me his fortune. Just got this in the email, think I should call?

    Hello, I know this letter may come to you as a surprise but, due to the way I got your contact I was pleased to confide this secret with you as long as you are not going to betray me at the end. I'm Barr.Godfrey Mandiwana the lawyer to a contractor with the South Africa Mining Firm who was my client and this contractor is a national of your country and he died with his entire family in an aircraft crash four years ago when he was traveling with his family for summer holiday. Your last name happen to be the same last name with the contractor who was my client, this is the main reason why I am contacting you so that I can present you to the Bank as the Next of Kin to this inheritance funds because the Bank has written me letter of claim to this funds but I cannot front myself to claim this funds as the lawyer, so I decided to contact you who happen to bear the same last name with the decease. The principal amount of this fund is $10 Million U.S Dollars. I have already worked out modalities to execute the transfer hence I seek for your consent if interested, so that I can send you more details on how we can execute this proposal, I wait to hear from you soon. Kind Regards, BARR.Godfrey Mandiwana Tel;+27 781389461
    U.S. Contact for HartzView Safaris

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    Yep, you definitely should call - any 3 letter agency that you can think of (maybe exclude the Tennessee Valley Authority)!
    Overkill is underestimated!

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    Wish I had a rich uncle too.

    "...the man who really counts in the world is the doer, not the mere critic-the man who actually does the work, even if roughly and imperfectly, not the man who only talks or writes about how it ought to be done." Theodore Roosevelt

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    Love to know what happens if you ring the phone number?

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    Thats how I made my fortune too, What a coincidence! We must have the same uncle.

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    You lucky man !

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    Quote Originally Posted by sestoppelman View Post
    Thats how I made my fortune too, What a coincidence! We must have the same uncle.
    ..or the same BARRister..!

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