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Terminal ballistics - Facts and Fiction

This is a discussion on Terminal ballistics - Facts and Fiction within the Humorous Jokes, Stories or Pictures forums, part of the GENERAL category; For those who have an interest in terminal ballistics and enjoy discussions on what makes the perfect load for their ...

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    Default Terminal ballistics - Facts and Fiction

    For those who have an interest in terminal ballistics and enjoy discussions on what makes the perfect load for their chosen pet calibre here is some information that you may find interesting. I certainly did.

    It does however require some time to read through and absorb.

    Terminal Ballistics

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    Interesting reading. My dad was always a big proponent of the "energy dump" theory, based in part on two instant deer kills via Sierra 140 gr bullets out of his .284 Win. Velocity at target was probably around 2650 fps and the deer were small Alaska "beach" deer. Both upended in spectacular fashion upon taking one bullet in the boiler room and were stone dead upon retrieval. Very little of either bullet was recovered having blown up inside the chest cavity. I still wonder if the theory doesn't have some validity under certain circumstances.

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    The kids have used up all my download over the school holidays here in Oz so I'm down to dial up speeds. I will read the article when the system resets.

    I don't know about the 'energy dump' theory but I do get better kills when the projectile disintegrates inside the chest of my target animal.
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    In my opinion, the "energy dump" theory is sound and (again in theory) the most sound. When a bullet expends all or most of it's energy inside the animal, the wound channel would of course be larger and more tissue damaged as the bullet fragments... The downfall of total fragmentation inside the animal would be one hole to bleed from, thus, probably less blood to trail. I personally like the heavy for caliber bullets, i.e. 180gr 30-06 bullet (yes, it is slower than the 150gr. but, I am not a velocity nut) passes through, but only weighs 120grs. when it comes out, that animal absorbed alot of the bullets energy as it was passing through. The Warthog i shot this year is a perfect example, the bullet did not pass through, and when the skinners cut him open, the chest cavity looked like purple and red Jello. I am a firm believer in the energy dump, my opinion.

    However, I think on DG I would prefer to punch holes clean through (penetration), get as much blood on the ground as possible if it can eat or stomp me to death.

    very good topic.

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    Good topic

    We had this very discussion this year in Africa.

    The Remington Core-lock bullets remained in the animals under the far side skin with a few poking it silver eye at you...i should have taken some pictures.

    The PH would like to see 2 holes vs 1 hole...we talked about blood trail for followup and so on.

    two animals had to have follow up however both went about 20 yards from the initial shot...

    I thought the bullets performed as designed and dumped all it energy in the animal where-as a bullet making 2 clean holes does not.

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